Hitting 20k on my WIP (#Realise) & Sharing a Snippet! (SW#30)

Hitting 20k on my WIP (#Realise) & Sharing a Snippet! (SW#30)

Heyo Bookaholics!

Holy Sh*tballs I Finally Reached 20k!

HAAAIIIII!!! I am in very very high spirits today 🙂 Who knew taking a day off of work after a stressful week would be just what the doctor ordered?!

Well, I didn’t, but I feel amazing now.

I hope you didn’t think that because I didn’t post yesterday that I was neglecting another Storytime because I’m not. I can’t do that when I knew that today was going to be the day I reach 20k!

Anyways, before I get into talking about #Realise, here’s a list of a few things I did today (in colour):

*Slept in and took my sweet time showering
*Spent time shopping with mum (and I bought socks)
*Went rollerblading!
*Filmed two (2) videos for my channel which means I ticked 2 more things off of my to-do list (that have been on there for the past three months…)
*Was able to do some writing for #Realise making it to 20k words and feeling so proud of myself!
*Washed and vacuumed my car thanks to mum or I would never have done it
*Heard the news about Stranger Things Season 3 coming out on Netflix, but I’m waiting on my boyfriend to watch it with me
*Wrote this blog post!

I feel super duper relaxed and ready to work tomorrow, which is such a blessed feeling to have after long days at work. It feels like all my hard work has actually paid off to amount to something, but I really won’t know that until we meet with the executives.

Enough boring work talk, time for some fun stuff!!!

#Realise (my current WIP) has 20,000 words on the document.

Like actually on the pages, there are 9 chapters finished with lots of words and lots of pages that are gonna be so satisfying to print out. Sorry to the trees in advance.

I was participating in @TheYAPage’s #TheWriteNight, a writing event they hold on Twitter where we talk about our writing projects for an hour and a half with a writing sprint somewhere in there. It’s so much fun and anyone can join!

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 8.41.18 pm 277x300 - Hitting 20k on my WIP (#Realise) & Sharing a Snippet! (SW#30)

This is where I reached 20,000 words as shown in the screenshot on the left.

I write everything in a Google Doc so I can take my writing everywhere without having to lug my computer around, which makes writing at work very convenient.

I will be writing more tonight, so be on the lookout for updates on my Twitter @thebookishbree.

Synopsis & Characters

A ‘lil refresh if you haven’t read my other posts about Realise here are some that talk in detail about this WIP:

In short, the story is told from Jaz’s point-of-view in the present tense about her struggles with love, being loved, and loving herself, all the while trying to finish university and understand all the emotions she has going on inside of her.

The cast includes:

Jaz (protagonist), Josh (Jaz’s long-time best friend), Kelly (Jaz’s short-time best friend), Jaz’s Mum, Ed (Jaz’s new crush), Barista Girl (I don’t even know if she has a name), and Taylor (who isn’t even in the story yet oops).

Representative (Pinterest) Image

For every one of my novels that I have a Pinterest board for, I have a single image within that board which encompasses the entire premise of the novel. For ‘The Inversion’, I have an image that I revealed in a blog post a while back talking about the in-progress novel.

For Realise, I’ve chosen the following image, more as an ode to the original ending of the story where Jaz was going to run away.

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The original source of the image is linked to the image and here (https://weheartit.com/entry/326727056)

I still love this image and it’s relevance to the novel as it is now because it feels to me like a discovery of self but also a discovery of love and pulling people towards oneself. The image looks like recovery and help but also gives the vibes of independence and love. I just feel this is right to represent the novel.

You can follow my board on Pinterest at this link.


During #TheWriteNight earlier, I posted a snippet from Realise which you can either view via this link, or read below.

“I’m not ashamed to say that it took me the whole three hours I had to prepare to get ready, but I will not admit how long I stood in front of the mirror for, just staring and occasionally picking at my naked body. The skin on my legs are dotted full of teeny tiny scars, otherwise known as the ghosts of scabs past, and though I tell myself to stop picking it’ll only get worse, I just have to scratch that one right above my knee. Nothing a spot of foundation can’t fix. 

I have to look good for him. I have to be perfect. I think as I pull as the fat around my hips, grabbing it in handfuls and dragging it around, feeling the pleasure of the pain of my nails as they dig into the tender skin. I drag my nails across the pudge that is my stomach and try to remove it with each red line that appears. I pretend I’m forming surgery and my nails are the scalpel and with each line that appears, I dig deeper, getting braver until I draw blood and realise that if I keep doing this, I’ll ruin my clothes. This stops me from doing the same to the fat that gathers around my inner thighs. I can still see the ghost of the marks I made in my sleep, although they are a faint red, they’ll be fading soon thankfully.

We’re just two friends going out to ‘dinner’. It’s a cafe, nothing fancy. Ed never said it was a date and I should never assume so, but if it was I wouldn’t be mad at all. Either way, I dress my best.”

This spoilery snippet is from Chapter 8 titled Ed. It is Ed’s first major introduction in the novel. We see far more of him and his impact on Jaz to come (which means I’m currently writing it hehe).

Thanks for reading this shambles of a post! I had so much fun talking about Realise and where I’ve come so far. If you want to hear more please follow me on Twitter @thebookishbree for updates xx

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1 - Hitting 20k on my WIP (#Realise) & Sharing a Snippet! (SW#30)

With Love Bree xx

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