The Inversion: What is it?

The Inversion: What is it?

Heyo Bookaholics!

I’m Writing A Book!

Oh my goshness, I have been looking forward to writing this post ever since I realised that I have not written a post fully dedicated to the book I am currently writing!

I have posted a couple of posts mentioning the book I am writing, titled The Inversion; though there is nowhere near as much content on this blog – compared to my Instagram and Twitter accounts – as I would like there to be. You can read these posts via the links below:

  •  “Uni + Writing Update” – I speak about my writing goals and give a vague summary of the plot.
  • “I Am Writing A Book” – I talk about contributing in NaNoWriMo 2017, some fun facts about my novel at that point in time, a brief summary; and provide a teeny snippet of the story.
  • “Come Back (Dystopian)” – A story which is inspired by my novel right down to the characters and setting.

I’m sitting in front of my laptop, staring at this page wondering how I’m going to structure this post and it’s hard. Let’s begin with current stats, then move on to the plot, inspiration images, goals and then my latest YouTube Video which I spoke about this crazy writing journey.

Novel Stats (as at 11th August 2018)

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The Plot!

The main premise of the story can be summed up in this small Valentines Day poem (which I posted on Twitter in February):

Roses are Red, 
The People are Blue, 
The World is Upside-down, 
And so are You.

The novel follows a few people but comes back to a singular girl of whom you would dub your “typical-main-character”, in the sense that all the crazy chosen one rubbish happens to her, and that impacts her waking hours, sleeping hours, and people she loves. “The Inversion” is an event that is set to occur in the future in which the world is said to lose all gravity and essentially turn “upside down”. The event is being predicted by scientists who monitor the forecast of the weather and shifting of tectonic plates while having to approve what information is to be released to the public by the authorities.

The Inversion event will occur in phases in order to show the impact and transformation of the world as the characters know it, to an inverted state and how different group of people are reacting to the news of an impending world inverting event.

Inspiration Images/ Aesthetic!the inversion aesthetic - The Inversion: What is it?

These photos are something that truly made me want to go ahead with writing this story. An inversion and loss of gravity event isn’t something that has been explored in sci-fi YA as far as I am aware and I wanted to use these photos to drive the protagonist inspiration as well as scenes for my novel, and surprisingly the overall feel I am going for is the colour blue. I don’t know how it is possible to feel a colour but when I read my work back I see varying shades of blue (don’t call me crazy), but I think that blue is a colour that in different shades can be applied to so many emotions, it’s wonderful.


Short Term (within the year):

  • Finish my first draft by December 2018! – I currently don’t have a word goal I’m just hoping to finish it.
  • Print out and hold the complete manuscript in my hands.
  • Actually decide whether I’m writing in past or present tense…

Long-Term (over a year):

  • Have this be a series spanning 3 books.
  • Get published!
  • Have people read my novel other than my friends.

My Latest YouTube Video!

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Do you have any questions for me about my book?? I really want to do a Q&A post/ video so please submit all and any questions you have!

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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With Love Bree xx

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  1. You’re lucky to have friends who read your work. I only know one of my blog followers irl and I would never dare ask her if she’d read any of my latest work.

    • It’s all about being brave enough to ask for criticism and trusting that your friends will tell you the truth.

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