A snippet of my novel, The Inversion! (SW#22)

A snippet of my novel, The Inversion! (SW#22)

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I love sharing things about the book I’m writing and today I give you all something special! A snippet/ flashback from one of the characters in the novel!

Currently Chapter 19

NO ONE BUT Vince knew about the kiss. They were as close of friends as anyone else in the group. She’d told him to be at her house at exactly 5pm so they would make it to the party on time, joking that she’d leave without him if he was late.

It was five to five when Norelle heard a knock at the door of her house and grabbing the keys off of the hook she prepared herself to playfully scold Vince for being late, a smile complementing the day-dreamy look in her eyes.

She swung the door open and opened her mouth but stopped short of saying anything because they’re on her porch stood a beautiful girl, a braided halo of gold wrapped around her head and pearls of blue hung from her ears catching the light from the house.

When she spoke, her voice sounded like warm milk before bed, smooth and silken. “I thought I’d take you up on that offer.” Every thought disappeared from Norelle’s mind as the beautiful girl leaned in towards her.

It happened so slowly, yet was over so soon and Norelle didn’t even have a chance to savour the feeling of the other woman’s lips on her own. She stood here as still as stone, hands hanging awkwardly in the air, stiff, not knowing where to rest.

The woman in front of her smiled and let out a little choking sound, snapping Norelle back into the moment. Forcing a smile in response to the most unflattering laugh ever she remembered her floating arms and shoved her hands into the back pockets of her jeans and grabbed at the material to stop the shaking.

“Uh, so what was the offer?” Her smart inner voice had been bested by the idiot inside her. Norelle felt her heart shedding metaphorical tears and she internally chastised her own brain and tongue for the horrible communication skills.

The woman before her actually giggled this time. Norelle liked it. She liked it very much and made sure to tell her brain to remember that deep sweet sound.

The two women just stood there staring at each other, both equally as shocked at what went down although there was no doubting that the woman whose hand was brushing Norelle’s testingly was very pleased with her actions. With a burst of confidence, Norelle grabbed her hand stopping it from swinging and now looking equally as smug, pulled the other woman closer, this time savouring the closeness and taking in the musky scent of her perfume.

She lingered with their lips only millimetres apart, slowly, teasingly she leaned forward and brushed their lips together before pushing her away harshly.

The two girls were illuminated by the headlights of a car pulling into the driveway beside them. The redness of Norelle’s face was lessened in the light but the fear in her widened eyes said it all.

No one could know.

No one could know.

The pressure building up in her chest made her want to scream and cry and throw her arms around but she resisted, instead staring at the woman in front of her, the nurse she was wanted to be needed to protect those around her before she herself was okay, and she would run through fire if it meant that Dani would be her perfect self. Dani stood before Norelle with the same expression of fear, tense and as afraid as ever. Norelle took small solace in the fact that she hadn’t bolted at the first sound, but Dani was stronger than that; always has been and will never stop now, not when this was her boldest move yet.

A car door slammed and the two women remained on the porch, eyes still locked in silent communication though no words were getting through. No words but tears. Tears were leaking from Dani’s left eye rolling down the side of her nose and Norelle stepped forward, warily wrapping both her arms around the woman’s neck; one hand cradling Dani’s head and the other tracing circles in the nape of the woman’s neck. Dani leaned into Norelle, fitting her head perfectly in the curve of her neck breathing in the sweet peppermint scent of the woman.

The gravel in the driveway crunched as someone walked closer to the embracing women and Norelle tightened her arms around Dani and turned her head ever so slightly to the left, watching a dark silhouette in a baseball cap walk tentatively towards them.

She would recognise that gait from anywhere, but it was hard to summon a smile when she knew what he had potentially seen. What he would do with this information was to be found out as he gave a little shout to announce his presence.

“Hey.” His voice broke at the end, the uneven tone apologetic towards Norelle. She smiled at his approaching figure, not wanting to scare Dani and lifted her hand away from the woman’s head to wave.

She chose not to ignore Dani but to test him. As Vince strode towards her, Norelle unwrapped her arms from around Dani’s neck and dropped from balancing on the tips of her toes to standing on flat feet once again. She placed her forehead against Dani’s and spoke ever so softly.

“He’s my best friend. We can trust him if he says anything I’ll hit him.” Dani let out a small chuckle and lifted her head.

“I’m glad I came over tonight.” She whispered back. “But I must be leaving.” Norelle wanted to wake up to that voice every morning, hear it say goodnight to her in the evenings and listen to it scream out her name. Dani placed a soft kiss upon Norelle’s nose and turned to leave, ignoring Vince’s presence.

Norelle watched her back as she disappeared out the front gate and didn’t even notice when Vince clapped his hand down on her shoulder, only acknowledging him when he spoke up.

“Okay. What was that?” He punctuated every word dumbfounded. “Since when did you have a girlfriend? You are the actual worst at keeping secrets.”

“Surprise.” Norelle said in a monotone voice waving her fingers in his face as sarcastic jazz hands. “I’m just finding this out at the same time as you. Further proving that I’m the actual worst at secrets.” She finally looked away from the gate and at Vince, though didn’t make eye contact.

“Well shit.” Vince just nodded his head back and forth like a metronome unsure what to say. Norelle just looked away, back towards the gate longingly, though it didn’t last long until Vince stuck his head in front of her face, brows creased and mouth agape. “Wait so do you even know her?” He exclaimed.

Norelle smiled knowingly. “Of course silly. We’ve just never done.” She paused unsure of what to call what just happened but settled on “that.” Vince nodded, seeming to understand everything and more.

“So are you two doing anything tonight? Should I leave?” He was making those awkward hand gestures that looked like he was chopping air or trying to mimic DJ hands, slowly moving backward in the direction towards his car.

“No no no, please don’t leave.” Norelle laughed watching him exhale gratefully. He came back to her, hugged her and held her at arm’s length taking in her outfit. Light wash jeans, a white t-shirt and white sneakers; not at all party ready.

“Then get changed woman. I can’t have you coming to the party with me looking like this.” At that he gestured at her whole outfit and pushed her inside, closing the door behind them.

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  1. Love it so far! Only feedback would be what my English teacher always told me: cut those sentences down, don’t let them go on for too long ❤️❤️ so proud of you and your writing !!

      • I’ve been the worst editor omg I’m so sorry, I forgot that I could access it 😭😭 I just remembered I WILL HAVE YOUR BACK

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