This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

Todoist App Review 2019 Header - This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

Heyo Bookaholics! If you’re an organisation freak like I am, you’re going to adore this app! As you can tell, this isn’t a generic Monday Book Review, because today I’m talking about this organisation app that I am absolutely in love with and I want everyone to give it a go. I love organisation apps. I have trawled the app store many times to find the perfect app for organisation and keeping on top of tasks. I’ve downloaded, trialled and deleted […]

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My First Time Drafting & Submitting a Post to Another Blog!

Hai Spicy Hoomans! I’d love to make blogging my job one day… I am a new member of a blogging group named, The Book Slut! I applied and was accepted as a blogger on the site late last year. Since then, I have pitched ideas and as of last week, had a post published on the site! I thought I’d talk about it on here just to give some insight into what I’ve learnt about blogging with others and what […]

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What I’ve Written So Far In 2020.

What Ive Written So Far in 2020 Blog Header Storytime Wednesday - What I've Written So Far In 2020.

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Ah, writing… I’m writing this today because it’s a Thursday and Thursday’s mean that I participate in #TheWriteNight on Twitter. If you don’t know, #TheWriteNight is run by @TheYAPage on Twitter, which is also a writing group that meets for brunch once a month to write and chat. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first StoryTime Wednesday (but on a Thursday) for 2020. If you’re not sure what StoryTime Wednesday is on Jasper + Spice, it’s […]

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How I’ve Tracked My Reading Since 2017

How Ive Been Tracking My Reading Since 2017 2020 Blog Header - How I've Tracked My Reading Since 2017

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Electronic or Hardcopy? Many people choose Goodreads and that’s super cool if you are good at maintaining a tracker. I, unlike many, am not. Instead, I like to keep a simple manual record on my phone and put data into Goodreads when I remember to. I have an android mobile so I use a Google powered application called Keep Notes. You can actually download it on any device if you have a google account, it just comes […]

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My January 2020 TBR Sucks!

January 2020 TBR Blog Header - My January 2020 TBR Sucks!

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Yeah, I said it! I have been in a reading slump all December because I’d caught the travel bug which, if you have travelled, takes up a lot of your time and energy, leaving little room for reading. Good news is, I’m back and ready to smash through my TBR;bad news, my TBR is still stuck in 2019. I couldn’t just waltz into the first month of a new year, let alone a new decade without doing […]

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BLOG TOUR: Oasis by Katya De Becerra | Spoiler Free Book Review

tour banner - BLOG TOUR: Oasis by Katya De Becerra | Spoiler Free Book Review

Disclaimer: i received an e-arc of oasis from katya late last year. if you would like to purchase the novel, it is released on 7 jan 2020 (a day before my 21st bday :). Heyo Bookaholics! Nothing is as it seems! Before I start, I want to extend a huge thank you to Katya De Becerra for gracing me with an eARC of Oasis a couple of months ago and another huge thank you to Fantastic Flying Book Club for allowing […]

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Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

2020 Blog Header - Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

Happy New Year Bookaholics! A New Start! A strange analogy about the new year courtesy of my sleep-deprived brain: I don’t know about you but time in years feels like a roll of toilet paper. A new roll doesn’t really mean a new year, rather a new life event which can take place whenever. A new year just feels like I’ve ripped the toilet paper wrong, like those not clean straight rips that have a dangly bit to annoy the […]

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It’s Christmas! Or Should I Say… Bookmas!?

Festive Christmas Book Tag 2019 Blog Post Header - It's Christmas! Or Should I Say... Bookmas!?

Heyo Bookaholics! Festive Christmas Book Tag! Christmas is today! On a Wednesday, which is my usual posting day and I had to post something! Remembering that there is a Christmas Book Tag that I actually did a couple of years back, I decided to do it again now that I have read more and broader than little ‘ol 2017 me. These questions were originally created by GirlReading on YouTube and has been done by other YouTubers. I won’t be tagging […]

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December & Yearly Wrap-Up for 2019 (because it’s already getting busy)

DECEMBER 2019 YEARLY WRAP UP Blog Post Header - December & Yearly Wrap-Up for 2019 (because it's already getting busy)

Heyo Bookaholics! 1 Day Till Christmas & 7 Till 2020! I haven’t done a proper wrap-up post in a hot minute but I could never not do a yearly wrap-up. This one will be dramatic, long and full of everything that I have done this year that has been exciting and positive! I don’t want to ramble too much here. You know the deal, I talk about the books I read and purchased in the month, plus showcase the blog […]

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Why I DNFd Wearing Paper Dresses (by Anne Brinsden) – Kind of, but not really a review

Why I Did Not Finish Wearing Paper Dresses by Anne Brinsden 2020 Blog Header - Why I DNFd Wearing Paper Dresses (by Anne Brinsden) - Kind of, but not really a review

Disclaimer: the fact that This novel was sent to me by Bloomsbury publishing does not impact my review/ post/ opinion in any way shape or form. Heyo Bookaholics! Kind of, but not really a review… The cover of this novel is gorgeous! The story sounds interesting and thrilling. I love reading Aussie fiction, especially those set in the bush and from the perspective of people who’ve lived in the outback. Although, the writing style of this novel, perspective and speed […]

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