The First TBR of 2021 aka A Hopefully Better Year Than 2020 (in every way)!

Helena by Claire L. Smith Book Chat  Review 2021 Blog Header 1 - The First TBR of 2021 aka A Hopefully Better Year Than 2020 (in every way)!

Hai Beautiful! It’s that time of year again! Starting off the year with a new Goodreads goal and a half-finished book from the year before is starting to become the norm for me now. But alas, I have anticipated this! But once again I have sabotaged my own well-thought-out plan, and have landed myself in another sticky situation. So you see… *cue flashback*  I wanted to set a one-book TBR that would allow for any unpredictability in my schedule over […]

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The LAST TBR Of The Chaos That Was 2020!!

The Last TBR of 2020 2020 Blog Header - The LAST TBR Of The Chaos That Was 2020!!

Hai Beautiful! Ending the year with a bang! I’m being ✨realistically optimistic✨ this month with my TBR. I’ve chosen five to six books that I really want to read before the year is over although two of them are novellas and another two, a collection of short pieces. A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded a video on this topic where I talk more in-depth about the books I chose and why they have been chosen for my last ever TBR of […]

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What I’m Reading For The BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (BWCR TBR)!!

Because We Can Readathon BWCR TBR 2020 Blog Header - What I'm Reading For The BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (BWCR TBR)!!

Hai Beautiful Humans! I’m Gonna Give It My All! This was supposed to be posted last Saturday but I postponed it to yesterday, then I had a major breakdown and now it’s going live today! Although, I guess posting on the off/non-scheduled days has become expected from me by now (see bottom of this post for my actual blog schedule). This week I am participating in the Because We Can Readathon (again!). This time it is running from the 19th till the […]

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Bratz Readathon TBR!

Bratz Readathon TBR 2020 - Bratz Readathon TBR!

Hai Beautiful! The Bratz are back in fashion! Holy Shiz! I cannot believe there is actually a Bratz themed readathon happening and that it’s next month! I first heard about this readathon from Chloe’s @bookswithchloe and if it wasn’t for her video, I would never have known about this readathon. She also has a journaling channel which is amazing inspo if you too like to journal. What is the Bratz Readathon? The Bratz Readathon is a new readathon run by multiple […]

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Books Left To Read In August!

August TBR 2020 Header - Books Left To Read In August!

Hai Beautiful! TBRs are slightly mandatory (hehe)! How are you? I feel like I don’t ask that enough. I’ve been trying to make these posts more personal, addressing them to you as the reader who has so kindly visited my little book nook on the internet! Today I want to make this quick little post as an update and sort of follow-up on last month’s Bi-Monthly TBR. I created the TBR last month for two reasons, (1) because I had piled […]

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July/ August TBR & Video!

July  Augut TBR 2020 - July/ August TBR & Video!

Hai Beautiful! This is the best way to spend a winter in quarantine! It’s the end of June and as usual, it’s time for another TBR. Unlike usual, this time I will be making this reading list for the next two months due to the huge unpredictability of my workload for June and August. Good News Update! I started work on Monday which, after some setbacks, was the most amazing work-related news I had received all year. It’s been all from […]

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June TBR, but give me bisexual main characters!

June TBR bisexual main character edition 2020 Header - June TBR, but give me bisexual main characters!

Hai Beautiful! Fu*k, it’s already June! Another half a year almost gone and for once in my life, I’m not surprised. I think quarantine has gone to my head and convinced me that time has moved quicker because I pulled my diary out and realised I hadn’t actually been locked inside that long.   TWO BOOK TBR! This month, I want to honour Pride but also catch up with some series that I’ve been putting off. Both of these series […]

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Books I’m Reading In The Last Week Of May!

Books I want to finish before may is over 2020 Header - Books I'm Reading In The Last Week Of May!

Hai Beautiful! What an ah-MAY-zing reading month! Since I managed to read three 300-450 page novels in a week for the Because We Can Readathon last week, I have this idea that I can increase my TBR to insane levels and have it still be achievable. I had four books on my BCW Readathon TBR, three of which I read and one, Zenith, which I didn’t get to within the week. For real though, four books in seven days, even if I wasn’t doing […]

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BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (What is it? My TBR & YT Video)

Because We Can Readathon TBR Thumbnail - BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon (What is it? My TBR & YT Video)

Hai Beautiful! I’m taking on another readathon! I’ve never been a huge fan of readathons (being a slow reader and all…), but after completing the O.W.Ls readathon successfully in April, I’ve become confident and have decided to take on another readathon. If you are not into reading blog posts, you can watch my TBR video here or at the end of this post. What is it?? The Because We Can Readathon (BWCR) is a new readathon created by three wonderful YouTubers – […]

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A Hufflepuff Does The OWLs Magical Readathon! TBR Post + YouTube Video! Readathon tbr - A Hufflepuff Does The OWLs Magical Readathon! TBR Post + YouTube Video!

Hai Potterheads! I know you all stan Harry Potter. Don’t lie to me. For the past two years, I’ve seen this thing called the O.W.Ls Readathon or Magical Readathon floating around on the world of Bookish Social Media and I was always super confused but also really intrigued by it. Last year, I was so close to joining in on the fun but I got really busy over April with uni and had so little time to read that I […]

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