Books Left To Read In August!

Books Left To Read In August!

Hai Beautiful!

TBRs are slightly mandatory (hehe)!

How are you? I feel like I don’t ask that enough. I’ve been trying to make these posts more personal, addressing them to you as the reader who has so kindly visited my little book nook on the internet!

Today I want to make this quick little post as an update and sort of follow-up on last month’s Bi-Monthly TBR.
I created the TBR last month for two reasons, (1) because I had piled up too many books that I wanted to read and couldn’t choose which ones to read and when. (2) I didn’t know what routine I’d be in for July and August, and (3) I wanted to give myself a larger duration of time to read instead of feeling restricted to one month.

If you haven’t visited that post, I said that I would read the following 6 books in 2 months or 60 days.

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If you choose to look at it mathematically, I would be reading a book every 10 days but alas, other commitments make this slightly impossible. Instead, I read two books in a week, then don’t read for another two weeks.

* I am currently half-way through The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert with hopes of finishing it tonight, hence why you won’t be seeing it on this month’s TBR.

Unforeseen, I happened to read all the contemporaries on my list last month which now leaves me with the sci-fi and fantasy novels to read in August!

Which books are on the TBR?

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The three books left are:

The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James
I was recommended this novel last year during Pride month for a readathon and although I didn’t get to it in that month, I’ve been trying and failing to pick it up since. Apparently, Lauren James and Alice Oseman make references to each other’s characters in their respective novels.

The Wicker Light by Mary Watson
I received an ARC of the first novel years ago and was so freaking confused by the story! Honestly, none of The Wren Hunt made sense to me and it felt like I was tripping the entire novel (or at least how I think it may feel). I really want to re-read it. Apparently the sequel – this novel – is from a different main character all together but within the same concept and universe.

Zenith by Saha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings
I started this a few months ago and just really couldn’t get into the story. It felt so choppy and all incomplete. If I don’t get to it this month, I might have to DNF it and come back to the book at a later date, if ever.
am really keen to read Sasha’s novel Project Red when it comes out (if it is being published, I’m actually not sure).

And… That’s all the books for August!

I truly hope to get to them all this month. It will make for a pretty awesome wrap-up video in September 🙂

Also, do let me know if you would like a life update as well because surprisingly, so much as been happening in July and I really want to talk about it all!

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What’s on your TBR for August?

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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