Bratz Readathon TBR!

Bratz Readathon TBR!

Hai Beautiful!

The Bratz are back in fashion!

Holy Shiz! I cannot believe there is actually a Bratz themed readathon happening and that it’s next month!

I first heard about this readathon from Chloe’s @bookswithchloe and if it wasn’t for her video, I would never have known about this readathon. She also has a journaling channel which is amazing inspo if you too like to journal.

What is the Bratz Readathon?

The Bratz Readathon is a new readathon run by multiple content creators that is running throughout the whole month of September!

The readathon focuses on the four main Bratz characters; Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and my favourite Jade! There are 5 prompts and they are unique to whichever girl you have chosen to follow, except for the last one which is the same across all.

For more information on the readathon and resources, I would recommend checking out the socials, most specifically their Twitter as the pinned tweet has all the information you need to know.

Bratz Readathon Socials:


Jade bratz 150x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!Jade is one of the four core members of the Bratz dolls. According to the Bratz Wiki, she is of Asian-Irish heritage and is known to be the trendsetter of the group, taking risks and chances where possible. Her friends gave her the nickname ‘Kool Kat’ because she loves cats (hence her logo being a pink cat).

I’ve been obsessed with Jade my entire life! Ever since I was introduced to them, I have felt so closely connected to the Bratz dolls, especially Jade. Their confidence, diversity and love of quirky fashion was just so addictive. To this day I treasure my Bratz dolls and am so happy that this readathon is being run xx

As you can already tell, I am joining Team Jade! There are 5 prompts for each of the girls, with the fifth one being the same amongst all four girls.

Jade Reading Prompts - Bratz Readathon TBR!

*The creators mentioned that of you cannot get your hands on a copy of the group book, The Henna Wars as it is such a new release, you may choose to read an alternative sapphic/ wlw romance.

My TBR 🙂

The Lost Book of White Book Cover 199x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!Kool Kat: Read a book featuring a cat.

The Lost Book of White has its release date set for September and stars the infamous Chairman Meow (at least I hope of I’ll be very sad).

I actually just received an email saying that my pre-order is on its way which I am – but at the same time am not – entirely hopeful about it reaching me anytime soon.

the mermaid the witch and the sea by maggie tokuda hall book cover 195x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!East Asian: Read an own-voices East Asian novel.

This isn’t your most conventional choice of book for this prompt. I did do a little bit of research and found that in an interview with Diverse Books, Maggie Tokuda-Hall spoke about how her East Asian heritage and upbringing was a huge influence when writing this novel.

I received this book recently in exchange for an honest review from Walker Books very recently and am so glad to have found a way to smoosh it into this TBR.

retribution dies by chloe hodge book cover 209x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!Favourite Colour: Read a book with green on the cover.

Another new release! This is the sequel to Vengeance Blooms, a novel I read and reviewed from a self-published author that I follow on Instagram.

There is a pop of green on this version of the cover and that is good enough excuse for me to be able to sneak it onto the TBR.

ninth house book cover  197x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!Passion 4 Fashion: Read a trendy book.

I didn’t want to read a huge novel or start a series so I settled for a book that was received well by all upon its release and isn’t too long.

I don’t know what to expect going into this. I’ve never read any of Bardugo’s novels (shame on me). All I know is that Leigh Bardugo’s writing is amazing and that I will absolutely love it!

skylarks by karen gregory book cover 195x300 - Bratz Readathon TBR!Nevra & Roxxi: Read The Henna Wars or a wlw/ sapphic romance novel.

Due to our total lockdown, I don’t have the chance to pick up a copy of The Henna Wars and I was actually going to forgo this prompt altogether until I read on the Twitter that you can swap out this book for a wlw romance.

I’ve had Skylarks on my shelf ever since it was sent to me by Bloomsbury when it was released and I just haven’t picked it up. I don’t know anything going into it, all I am aware of is that there is a wlw relationship.

Want to watch a video?

2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - Bratz Readathon TBR!

Did you play with Brtaz dolls as a kid?

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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