How I’ve Tracked My Reading Since 2017

How Ive Been Tracking My Reading Since 2017 2020 Blog Header - How I've Tracked My Reading Since 2017

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Electronic or Hardcopy?

Many people choose Goodreads and that’s super cool if you are good at maintaining a tracker. I, unlike many, am not. Instead, I like to keep a simple manual record on my phone and put data into Goodreads when I remember to.

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I have an android mobile so I use a Google powered application called Keep Notes. You can actually download it on any device if you have a google account, it just comes standard on my phone.

You’re probably thinking that a notes application is such a predictable and absolutely boring way to track reading, and yeah it really is, but that’s why I’m telling you about it. For the people who are forgettable like me and struggle updating a tracker unless it’s in your face, this is simple and absolutely works.

I have a note I made way back in mid-2017 simply titled ‘Reading Log’ and obviously coloured pink because that’s the appropriate thing to do.

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I set it out pretty simply:

date started – date finished : name of novel

Every novel I read goes on that list. When I remember, I will put this into Goodreads and often times I use my list to fact-check against the data in Goodreads. You know, so I can tell how many more books I need to read to meet my reading goal.

I hope this helps someone. I like to think that the simplest and less aesthetic option really is the most efficient, especially if it’s efficiency that you’re after.

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