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Hi, I’m Bree and I’m the human behind Jasper + Spice! I started this blog way back in 2016, inspired by cute people on social media, to allow myself to create and explore the alternative ways to express my creative side.

When I’m not doing my 7.5 hours at work or mindlessly watching YouTube videos, you’ll find me lurking in bookstores and talking to myself. I hope you find joy during your time here. You can keep up with the chaos by following the blog through the links in the side bar; checking out my socials; or drop a little comment at the bottom of a post – it’s the perfect way to leave your mark if you’re just passing through xoxo

Over the years, Jasper and Spice has grown a little shop tab which can be found at jasperandspice.com/shop

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It all started with hand-making a one-of-a-kind bookmark for my best friend’s first book, then another for her second novel, and after being told that I should share my creations with the world; I took my love for scrapbooking, books, and coloured paper, and made it into a whole series of bookmarks!

Check out the shop tab in the menu bar for cute handcrafted bookmarks (as seen in the above image). If there are designs / themes you are looking for, or you would like to request a custom bookmark, please don’t be shy to contact me here or on my IG @thebookishbree! Alternatively, visit the contact page for general queries.

On the blog, you’ll find anything and everything inspired by books and my everyday lifestyle. I talk about my adventures out of the house, book reviews, ramblings from my neuro-spicy brain, and random tips and tricks that may not change your life, but hopefully keep you at least a little entertained.

Blog posts will appear three times a week, where each day I post is dedicated to a different topic of discussion.

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On Monday I will be reviewing books; Wednesday is for literally anything to do with writing, including my original pieces; and Saturday is for all other topics of discussion (e.g. TBR posts, monthly wrap-ups, and neuro-spicy ramblings.

I’m also writing a book… or a two… or something?

I’ve started many projects. Some of which won’t ever be finished. I have journals on top of journals, and unfinished manuscripts that I attend to from time to time. Below are the four main writing projects I’ve shared on here over the years, accompanied by links to the tags and posts to keep you updated; OR you can absorb the stories through vibes only, by clicking on the images below to scroll the Pinterest boards for each of the stories.

 My current projects are #S(witched) (completed); #Realise (also on hold); #His Diary (current WIP); #The Inversion (currently on hold).

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Updates about my writing are generally posted on Wednesdays with horrible inconsistency, so if you’d like to get caught up and keep up with my writings, I have a highlight on my Instagram @thebookishbree for you to check out.

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Shop: https://jasperandspice.com/shop

Happy Reading!

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