Unique Handmade Bookmarks Now Selling In The Shop!

Unique Handmade Bookmarks Now Selling In The Shop!

Hai Beautiful!

✨ I have some news! ✨

This has been a long time coming. I mean literally months in the making. Promise after promise and all the inconsistent and seemingly random Instagram updates have lead up to this one epic moment;

The launch of handmade bookmarks in my very own shop!

It has always been a dream of mine to share my craft with people. Typically, I create unique and personalised handmade cards for friends and family and the bookmark I gifted Claire in honour of her debut novella, Helena, was no different.

I didn’t truly believe it to be possible for me to share my art in this way. I thought my craft was too time-consuming, hands-on, unsustainable to generate any sort of profit, but after the wonderful feedback on Claire’s post about the first Helena-inspired bookmark, I just thought “why not give it a shot?”

Starting off small, I handmade 5 more bookmarks, and after many promises and a long couple of months, I finally had them completed and now posted and for sale in my shop right here on this blog!

Photos and Product Listing!

If you’d like to purchase a bookmark of your own, you can head over to The Shop and support me in creating more beautiful bookmarks and living out my dream!

A Limited Edition unique, handmade bookmark, designed for Claire L. Smith’s October 2020 release HELENA, a gothic horror novella.

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I have designed and crafted five (5) unique, bookmarks inspired by Claire L. Smith’s novella, Helena.

Helena is a novel about a mortician in 1855 London with a connection to the afterlife and a desire to free the troubled souls she encounters. Although, the souls are becoming more agitated and bodies are piling up in the morgue, raising suspicion and uncovering family secrets.
Find out more about the novel on Goodreads.

Claire is active on Instagram @clairelsmxth and can also be found on her other socials by following her linktree – linktr.ee/clairelsmith.

You can also purchase Helena on the Clash Books website or any bookstore (especially online, I purchased my copy from the Book Depository).

Don’t forget to check out Claire L. Smith and pick yourself up a copy of Helena, a wonderfully dark and thrilling novella.

(The Shop can be found in the menu bar or at www.jasperandspice.com/shop)

Realtime Craft-With-Me + ASMR

To accompany the launch, I posted a soothing craft-with-me style video on my channel detailing my creative journey. You can watch the video here, or via the embedded clip below.


Plans for the future:

I have plans to produce more Helena bookmarks but having them printed onto matte or glossy untextured paper much like your standard bookmarks.

I would also love to design and craft many more designs of both the bookish and non-bookish kind for you all to enjoy. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the shop, please leave your suggestions as a comment below, or as a comment on my latest video.

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Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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