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If you are wondering what my review policy is you have come to the right page. Before you continue reading I would like to Thank You for your interest and I hope we can be in touch soon.

About My Blog: My blog consists of a variety of posts that vary from book-related content – i.e. book reviews, hauls, TBR lists, unboxings, vents, anticipations, etc – to life hacks and the odd travel post.

How I Review: I review using the standard five-star scale system and I do not give out half stars or zero stars, as the former is inconvenient and the latter is impolite. You can find out more about my star rating scale via the linked page, or by clicking on the star (right).

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The spoiler status of my reviews will be clearly stated. If someone has requested for me to review a book, they may also dictate whether the review contains spoilers or not.

What Books Will I Review? I will typically provide unsolicited reviews on books which I have strong opinions on; although I gravitate towards books that I have a peculiar interest in / am drawn to; and books with pretty covers. When considering if you want to consider me as a part of your review team, please see if your novel falls within one of the following genres.

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Middle Grade
  • Dystopian
  • Utopian
  • Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)
  • Mystery & Thriller
  • New Adult

I do have a preference for physical copies of books, although I have a Kindle for eBook requests.

Contacting Me! If you have any books or bookish items you would like me to review, that fall into the above guidelines, I can be contacted via email at; If you chose to send me an email please include the following;

  • In the subject specify the nature of the email – i.e. “Review Request”. This is so I do not delete or dismiss the email as spam.
  • Please also include a sincere message in the body, including the Book Title, Authors Name, a short synopsis, expected date of the review, and any other information you want me to consider.

If you would like to see the layout of some of my previous book reviews, you can click the on the link or on the photo below.

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A few other things: I would like you to know that I am working full-time, so if I do happen to decline your review request because I am busy or do not have enough time, I am truly sorry and I would like you to try again sometime later.

If you are still interested, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, via email or in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this and for considering me as a potential reviewer for your book or product. It is much appreciated.

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