Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

Happy New Year Bookaholics!

A New Start!

A strange analogy about the new year courtesy of my sleep-deprived brain: I don’t know about you but time in years feels like a roll of toilet paper. A new roll doesn’t really mean a new year, rather a new life event which can take place whenever. A new year just feels like I’ve ripped the toilet paper wrong, like those not clean straight rips that have a dangly bit to annoy the next person.

There is always a mess to clean up in the new year from the last. Nothing ever really resets and I don’t mean to start this year off pessimistic because really, a new year means there is a reason to have hope. A reason to have hope that things will get better and improve.

The best part is, we have another 365 days to change and grow as a person!

I first off want to wish you all Happiness, Wealth and Good Fortune in the new year. However you kicked off your year, I hope it was good and if it wasn’t, I hope that you have prosperity and everything you wish for come to you in abundance in the coming 365 days.

2019 Reflection:

I feel that 2019 has been a year for growth and self-development for me. I have improved in balancing many things in my life. I secured a graduate role, passed my units and uni, felt comfortable and confident about my blogging progress (although there is still heaps of work to do), I travelled and I have written more than I ever have. I have hope for 2020 to be prosperous in my creative life and I wish to put in all the effort and keep promises for content, especially on my YouTube channel, even though you’ll know content will be posted late as usual.

I do want to mention somewhere here, that even though I am currently overseas in another country on holiday, I am still fully aware of the worsening conditions of the bushfires in my home country. It is horrific that our Prime Minister isn’t doing anything about the issue and that people have to experience this pain. I am sending out my love to everyone affected by the fires either directly and or suffering as a result of the smoke and ash. I hope that they are receiving the help they need to have a great 2020 and conquer these hard times.
If you would like to donate to help the people and wildlife affected, you can give to NSW Rural Fire Service donate here, Victorian Country Fire Association donate here, Wildlife Association donate here.

2019 Goals Reflection:

My goals from 2019 were split into two parts, blogging and personal goals. I always think that it’s a good idea to reflect on past goals to be able to create new ones. Hence why wrap-ups are great before doing a TBR post (if that makes any sense).

At the start of last year, I set four blogging goals and two personal goals with ways I aim to achieve them. My blogging goals were ones that required time and effort and development of skills that I worked on during 2019 and hope to carry through and further improve in 2020.

The one I am most proud of achieving is talking about my writing and give regularly updating everyone on my WIPs on my blog. This made me feel more confident about my writing and just have more fun with the WIPs overall.

In terms of personal goals, I achieved one of the two. Seeking out help for uni work when I need it was something I did so well this year. I worked to exceed my harsh personal expectations and in the end, passed my units this year and am proud of what I have achieved.

2020 Goal Setting:

As usual, I do a yearly goal setting post. I have done this in the past and over the years I have learnt what goals are realistic and what goals are harder to achieve with my lifestyle and work ethic.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 realistic and very adult goals for 2020:

  • Complete my NaNoWriMo middle-grade WIP
  • Feel comfortable with myself as a person and my body
  • Create content and upload more often on my YouTube channel
  • Graduate from my Bachelors Degree
  • Push for oversees work when I start my graduate role

I think these goals are pretty realistic and relevant to my creative passions as well as my personal life.

Do you make goals?
If you’re comfortable enough to share them, let me know your goals in the comments.

Like many content creators, I only wish to spread love and happiness through my sporadic content. I one day hope to create content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. as a full-time job. Don’t get me wrong, I love data analytics and helping companies figure out their privacy concerns. That shit is epic to do but to create fun content like this all day every day would literally make my heart explode from happiness.

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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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yes, I have backdated this post to make me feel better about myself

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