Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Things That Bring Me Calm 2020 Header - Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Hai Beautiful! It’s Important To Practice Self-Care! I’ve been a little lost in my head this week and need to ground myself, so I’m writing this post as a way of self-care, both to myself and to remind you all how important self-care is. Aesthetic/ Study “Pinterest” Photos I spend so much of my time on Pinterest. Whether I’m just chilling on my phone or (not) doing work, you can bet I’m on Pinterest. I love to create all kinds […]

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A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week 2020 Header - A Positive Post To End An Emotional Week!

Hai Beautiful! It’s been an emotional week… This extra positive post is inspired by one of my new favourite bloggers, Elsie LMC who always has such positive content on her blog. The comment section of every one of her posts are beautiful and full of positive words from her readers. Her latest posts have inspired me to write my own positive blog post! This post is dedicated to all of you who have had a very up and down week emotionally. To […]

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Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

2020 Blog Header - Happy New Year & 2020 Goal Setting (wow all my posts are falling on the big holidays hehe)

Happy New Year Bookaholics! A New Start! A strange analogy about the new year courtesy of my sleep-deprived brain: I don’t know about you but time in years feels like a roll of toilet paper. A new roll doesn’t really mean a new year, rather a new life event which can take place whenever. A new year just feels like I’ve ripped the toilet paper wrong, like those not clean straight rips that have a dangly bit to annoy the […]

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Juggling University and Blogging: How Not to Have a Guilt-Induced Breakdown (SW #35)

Balancing Blogging and University  Life 2019 Blog Header Storytime Wednesday - Juggling University and Blogging: How Not to Have a Guilt-Induced Breakdown (SW #35)

Heyo Bookaholics! Real talk now. Side-note (get it, the note is on the other side of the screen (okay, I’m sorry)): Everything I speak about here is from my personal point of view/ experience and all remedies for this are what I personally find that works for me during these times. I also do not get paid to release content as most bloggers, I do so purely for creativity and expression. More often than not, when I do not post […]

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Finding Your Purpose In Any Situation! (SW#32)

Finding your Purpose in Life 2019 Blog Header Storytime Wednesday - Finding Your Purpose In Any Situation! (SW#32)

 Heyo Bookaholics! Something’s been bugging me! I haven’t written a post for a while. Well nothing substantial, nothing that would make me say; “This blog has a purpose.” I guess I’m still trying to find my purpose for Jasper + Spice. Trying to understand why people read blogs, why I read blogs. what can I deliver that people want to read? Well, that’s the big question I guess. What can I contribute to the community? This whole post can be […]

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Superstitions – Poem (SW#27)

superstitions 27 blog header - Superstitions - Poem (SW#27)

Heyo Bookaholics! I needed to get this off of my chest! It’s true, all of it. I have so many necklaces. I never used to care much about which one I wore, they all mean something to me anyway. The ones my boyfriend bought me, or the few I received on my various birthdays and that thing I bought online too; all tying to memories, like a ball on a string I can use to pull the memories up. I […]

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How Have My Reading Habits Changed Since I Started On Bookstagram?

Heyo Bookaholics! Happy Australia Day! My first posts of my Bookstagram: Prior to these, my little ol’ Instagram was nothing more than a confused lifestyle blog. I finally decided to change to a Bookstagram after following a few accounts and realising that the content I really wanted to blog about was books and not cafés and being outside! Over the 4-ish years that I have been on the Bookstagram, I have experienced pressure to post, the sadness of not having […]

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Taking Mental Health Days + Late Night Creativity!

Heyo Bookaholics! Some Food For Thought! So not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but from January 1st 2019, my posting has been a bit funny. Posts are going live around 12:00 to 1:00 AM with the intention of it being related to the following day; with this one being no different. For people in other time-zones, this may not be an issue to any of you; and thank goodness I live in Australia, but I’ve noticed it and wanted to […]

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The Unique Blogger Award!

unique blogger award 2018 header - The Unique Blogger Award!

Heyo Bookaholics! I have been chosen! The lovely Rachel at Beach Bookworm Blog has kindly tagged me and some other lovely bloggers to answer three questions of her own creation. You can read the original post on her blog by clicking the link above. I am so grateful to have my blog recognised and I really appreciate these kinds of tags where the tagger gets to ask questions to people they tag. As is custom, the rules are as follows: 1. […]

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Planned Conversations (SW#18) : Therapy

planned conversations 18 blog header 1 - Planned Conversations (SW#18) : Therapy

Heyo Bookaholics! Some things cannot stay in my head… Therapy “So I’ve decided not to take the medication.” My therapist and I had just settled into our respective seats facing each other when I broke the news – if it is even ‘news’ at all. I’d been thinking on her proposal for two weeks now, but deep down I knew, I really knew that medication isn’t the right thing for me. “Why? I think you should consider it.” She replied, […]

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