Kris Kringle & Best Friends Appreciation Post!

Kris Kringle & Best Friends Appreciation Post!

Heyo Bookaholics!

F**k, I love my friends!

My close friends and I caught up for a Christmas dinner on Monday night (when this post was scheduled to be uploaded, oops). It was so cute! I was surrounded by my favourite things; friends, food, books and love.

We gave our KK gifts to each other and at Lucie’s request, we waited and watched as each person opened their gift. I hated the pressure, but it was super fun to see everyone get excited – giver and receiver – as they unwrapped their presents.
I bought a gift for Sarah who loved what I gifted her, which was a huge relief as I am so scared of gifting people things. It’s just so nervewracking to have that pressure of getting it just right.

I was the first to open my gift in front of everyone.

My KK was…


You may know her from her Instagram @whatlucieisreading. It’s gorgeous and honestly, one of the cleanest, most aesthetic bookstagram feeds online right now. She puts heaps of time and effort into her posts and definitely deserves all the love she receives and more!

She has this thing where she seems to know people so so well and is amazing at buying gifts for people that they will love! She filled my bag with pink, dinosaur and Captain America themed goods, all of which I almost cried at whilst opening.

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The presents included in the lil bag are pictured above and I love every single item that was gifted to me!!!! Honestly, I’m only making this post for two reasons; 1) because I want to show off all of my cute gifts, and 2) Lucie loves unboxings and seeing people open gifts (so I’m justified).

The candle in the first image is custom made from Spark + SparrowLucie sneakily asked me my favourite scent, vanilla, and of course the candle had to be as pink as possible. I am so nervous to burn it because the glitter is so pretty, but I’m sure the time will come when I must.
I am unsure of where the socks and scrunchie are from, although I’m sure that if you love them and want one just the same, Lucie will let you know if you send her a DM on Instagram.

A love letter to my friends

I am honestly so so grateful for my friends, all of them. I just want to say a few little things about them here in appreciation.

I was waiting to enter an exam a couple of months ago. During the one I was most scared for, the one I was taking for the second semester in a row, I tried to take my mind off of the exam.

Usually, I’m cool and calm, a little overdramatic but overall not at all stressed for exams but this one is different. I have added pressure to not fail a second time which made it harder to not almost breakdown every time I study. Although there’s one thing that keeps me going and it’s my friends.

To take my mind off of the impending exam, I immediately began thinking about happy memories of times I’d spent with my friends. I thought about my friends and focused so hard on the laughs, witty jokes and happiness in events like the one discussed above. How my friends keep up with me and my interests. How they know what I love and what I don’t. They bring me good news more often than the bad and know just the right things to say.

These memories slip into my brain now and then, especially in times of stress and are what get me through hard times, bringing me up when I feel like breaking down.

I just want to say to the friends mentioned in this post, and those who aren’t but know who you are, that I love you guys. I love you all from the bottom of my heart ♡

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