It’s Christmas! Or Should I Say… Bookmas!?

Festive Christmas Book Tag 2019 Blog Post Header - It's Christmas! Or Should I Say... Bookmas!?

Heyo Bookaholics! Festive Christmas Book Tag! Christmas is today! On a Wednesday, which is my usual posting day and I had to post something! Remembering that there is a Christmas Book Tag that I actually did a couple of years back, I decided to do it again now that I have read more and broader than little ‘ol 2017 me. These questions were originally created by GirlReading on YouTube and has been done by other YouTubers. I won’t be tagging […]

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Kris Kringle & Best Friends Appreciation Post!

Christmas Dinner and Best Friend Appreciation Post 2019 Header - Kris Kringle & Best Friends Appreciation Post!

Heyo Bookaholics! F**k, I love my friends! My close friends and I caught up for a Christmas dinner on Monday night (when this post was scheduled to be uploaded, oops). It was so cute! I was surrounded by my favourite things; friends, food, books and love. We gave our KK gifts to each other and at Lucie’s request, we waited and watched as each person opened their gift. I hated the pressure, but it was super fun to see everyone […]

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Learning How To Do Make-Up! – Beauty Guru Pt.1

1 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

Hey Ho Bookaholics and Humans Alike, It’s only 5 days till Christmas and what better time it is for me to learn how to do make up! I have had my artistically talented best friend come over to my house to show me the basics, and the fiddly bits as to how she does her make-up so well. And so you think the story would end in me tragically destroying my face with an eyeliner marker; but alas! It did […]

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Festive Christmas Book Tag!

festive christmas book tag blog header - Festive Christmas Book Tag!

Hey Ho Bookaholics! Yes it is that time of the week again where we pull another tag from the internet and plop it on the blog! Aside though, I’m lying in bed and I sang out an intro song to this post, and it makes me really think how much YouTube I’ve been watching lately and how maybe unhealthy it is for my blogging… Anyways back to the tag! Today I will be doing the Festive Christmas Book Tag! Because […]

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My Christmas + Birthday Wishlist (books and more)

christmas and birthday wishlist blog header - My Christmas + Birthday Wishlist (books and more)

Hey Ho Bookaholics! I was having a conversation with my mother the other day, and she got me thinking. She had said to my sister and I, that we should write a list of five things we really want for Christmas, and buy each other one gift from that list. It was a pretty cool idea, though my sister and I really only wanted one thing, we still made it fun and wrote down a few more. Though my sister – […]

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