The YA Page’s FIRST EVER Virtual Meet-Up! (SW#63)

The YAPAGE Virtual Meetup 2020 SW Header - The YA Page's FIRST EVER Virtual Meet-Up! (SW#63)

Hai Beautiful! I’ve waited all quarantine for this! When The YA Page announced that they would be hosting a virtual writer’s group, I felt like dreams had been listened to and were finally coming true! If you don’t already know, @TheYAPage are a writer’s group who, before the lockdown, met up once a month in Melbourne to chat, drink coffee and write together. They also host weekly write nights on Twitter every Thursday which are super fun to participate in! The […]

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My First YA Page Writing Meet of 2020!

First Impressions of Vietnam from an Aussie 2020 Blog Header 1 - My First YA Page Writing Meet of 2020!

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Writing, Chatting & Snacking! This morning I ventured into Mr. Tulk cafe in Melbourne’s CBD to catch up with Sarah, Emily and other budding writers who are currently drafting the next New York Times Bestseller! I was feeling really uninspired today so I didn’t really get much writing done. I probably wrote a total of 3 words, not even completing a sentence. It wasn’t really a writer’s block situation, rather a case of being really unmotivated. I […]

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What I’ve Written So Far In 2020.

What Ive Written So Far in 2020 Blog Header Storytime Wednesday - What I've Written So Far In 2020.

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Ah, writing… I’m writing this today because it’s a Thursday and Thursday’s mean that I participate in #TheWriteNight on Twitter. If you don’t know, #TheWriteNight is run by @TheYAPage on Twitter, which is also a writing group that meets for brunch once a month to write and chat. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first StoryTime Wednesday (but on a Thursday) for 2020. If you’re not sure what StoryTime Wednesday is on Jasper + Spice, it’s […]

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YAPage Writing Meet Up #9 & Successful September Wrap-Up!

TheYAPage Writing Meet Up and September 2019 Wrap Up 2019 Header 1 - YAPage Writing Meet Up #9 & Successful September Wrap-Up!

Heyo Bookaholics! September has been THE BEST reading month thus far! I have so much to talk about today! I have left this post till Sunday on purpose. So much has happened this month that I didn’t even realise it was the end of September until I had an event scheduled on the 24th and became hyperaware of the time. I’ve done enough today to be happy with my progress, and certainly enough this month to make me proud of the […]

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TheYAPage Writer’s Meet #7

Writers Book Meet 7 TheYAPage 2019 Header 1 - TheYAPage Writer's Meet #7

Heyo Bookaholics! I actually got writing done *pat’s self on the back*! It’s that time of the month again where the crew gets together for brunch at Mr. Tulk in the CBD and try to write as many words as we can! I think I managed almost 500 words which is a nice round number to end the week on. My Morning… I finished my placement yesterday and was having a smol sleep in so I didn’t set an alarm, […]

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June Monthly Wrap Up!

June Wrap Up 2019 Header - June Monthly Wrap Up!

Heyo Bookaholics! June has been a blast (but like a messy blast)! I haven’t done a wrap-up post in a long time and I’m super keen to be posting this one today! Aside from the fact that this was meant to be posted yesterday (Saturday), and it is 11 pm on a Sunday, but better late than never as I’d say. I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy this send off to June x Books I […]

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Writer’s Group Meet #4 @TheYAPage

writers book meet 2019 Header - Writer's Group Meet #4 @TheYAPage

Heyo Bookaholics! The best day of every month! I haven’t had much time to write recently and to top it all off, I’ve been stuck at a single roadblock in my story. That was until Friday afternoon! Friday afternoon I somehow managed to fully outline my novel #REALISE, and on Saturday morning while I waited fifteen minutes for the train, I finalised my first chapter! This is super exciting for me as I’ve been struggling so hard to perfect the […]

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