Writer’s Group Meet #4 @TheYAPage

Writer’s Group Meet #4 @TheYAPage

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I haven’t had much time to write recently and to top it all off, I’ve been stuck at a single roadblock in my story. That was until Friday afternoon! Friday afternoon I somehow managed to fully outline my novel #REALISE, and on Saturday morning while I waited fifteen minutes for the train, I finalised my first chapter!

This is super exciting for me as I’ve been struggling so hard to perfect the plot of this novel and make it relevant to the YA audience I have directed it towards. It is my goal to make this my first finished manuscript and I just want it to be awesome!

img20190427114617991825457 - Writer's Group Meet #4 @TheYAPageThe Writer’s Meet

We all met up at Mr Tulk on Swanston St in the city and had a hearty brunch and a wonderful chat about all the bookish things!

We let each other know about the books we are all reading and our feelings about them, as well as our current writing projects and how they’re coming along.

After we ate, we got to writing and I can now finally confirm that my word count is at 16,500 words! This is perfect and right where I want to be at 10 chapters in.

The Crew!

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There was a smaller group than usual this month, and it turned out to just be a girls brunch! I had so much fun and as I am going to these meetups I am becoming more comfortable writing with other people around me. Sitting in silence with friends is always a challenge, but when you are all writing and have the opportunity to workshop and discuss your work, it is truly something to be treasured.

As always I am so grateful for these events and I cannot wait to share my first chapter on the Facebook group and be open to feedback that may come my way.

#REALISE has turned into a partially own voices contemporary romantic-ish novel that is still being developed and currently will end at chapter 23 (if all goes to plan).

Comment below if you’re writing anything, or if you have a group that you write and workshop with.

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