My First YA Page Writing Meet of 2020!

My First YA Page Writing Meet of 2020!

Hai Spicy Hoomans!

Writing, Chatting & Snacking!

This morning I ventured into Mr. Tulk cafe in Melbourne’s CBD to catch up with Sarah, Emily and other budding writers who are currently drafting the next New York Times Bestseller!

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I was feeling really uninspired today so I didn’t really get much writing done. I probably wrote a total of 3 words, not even completing a sentence.

It wasn’t really a writer’s block situation, rather a case of being really unmotivated. I opened my document, closed it, opened it, typed a couple of words, deleted something, then closed the document, totally unable to think of any way to progress the story.

So instead of writing, I started reading EUPHORIA KIDS by Alison Evans. It is amazing so far. Alison is hugely talented and their stories make you feel so many things, I am enjoying the few pages I have read so far and am excited to see where the story goes.

Despite my lack of writing motivation, I had fun chatting with everyone who made it to brunch and listening to them talk about what they’re writing.

I hope that all of your writing masterpieces-in-the-making are coming along nicely and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend xx I’ll be drafting blog posts for the rest of the day, then partying the night away!

About The YA Page:
If you don’t follow them already, The YA Page is an online writing group that hold weekly writing chats on Twitter and monthly writing brunches (like the one I went to today) at Mr. Tulk in Melbourne’s CBD!

I’ve met so many of my friends through this group and it’s awesome to have people my age (online and in-person) to chat about writing with!

Find the girls at @TheYAPage on Instagram and Twitter

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