The YA Page’s FIRST EVER Virtual Meet-Up! (SW#63)

The YA Page’s FIRST EVER Virtual Meet-Up! (SW#63)

Hai Beautiful!

I’ve waited all quarantine for this!

When The YA Page announced that they would be hosting a virtual writer’s group, I felt like dreams had been listened to and were finally coming true!

If you don’t already know, @TheYAPage are a writer’s group who, before the lockdown, met up once a month in Melbourne to chat, drink coffee and write together. They also host weekly write nights on Twitter every Thursday which are super fun to participate in!

The virtual meet-up took place last weekend with fifteen of us from various states jumping on a video call to share our novels, their progress and just how lockdown has been treating us in general.

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Photo from @theyaroom on Twitter

WHile COVID has left us feeling down and lacking social interaction, there are some benefits, like people who have never been able to make it to our in-person meet-ups have been able to join the chat!

It was so much fun! Sarah asked for suggestions at the end for ideas of future meetings which has left me in anticipation for the next meeting. I know that whatever she has organised (or is yet to organise) will be so much fun!

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Are you part of a writing group?

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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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