Underdog Book Launch! The Most Down To Earth Book Event <3

underdog book launch 2019 header - Underdog Book Launch! The Most Down To Earth Book Event <3

Heyo Bookaholics!

The Most Down-To-Earth Book Event Ever!

On Friday the 15th of March I attended the book launch for Underdog, a #LoveOzYA anthology of short stories based on what it is like to be an Australian. The novel is named after the new publishing company of the same name, started by the book’s editor Tobias Madden.

The event was held at Dymocks books on Collins St. in Melbourne’s CBD. It is the biggest Dymocks – and probably the biggest book store – in the city and maybe even the state!

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Warning: Photos may be blurry because I was shaking a lot more that day and I was taking photos on my phone.

What is Underdog?

Edited by Tobias Madden (@tobias_madden), Underdog is a celebration of the once humble hashtag, turned global phenomenon #LoveOzYa! The anthology is a collection of diverse short stories of our wonderful nation’s ever-changing diverse and beautifully inclusive culture. The stories are sometimes political, very queer and overall, a giant love letter to Australia.

You can read more about the novel on the Underdog website!

The Launch!

Sarah from @TheYARoom lead the interview for the launch, with Shaun on camera and Bianca on social media duty. Sarah asked questions to each of the seven authors and did an amazing job with name pronunciation for that is always the hardest part, as all booktubers and bookaholics alike will understand.

My favourite part was when Tobias spoke about how Underdog started. How it exploded from a dream and just a sh*t ton about of effort and determination. He has people who have stuck by him throughout the whole journey and… well please watch the video 🙂

[wpvideo 3ZQ3bqJ1]

Melbourne Authors:

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Photo from: Jes’ Instagram: @ageekwithahat

(left to right) Michael Earp, Jes Layton, Tobias Madden, KM Stamer-Squair, Cassi Dorian, Sophie L. Macdonald.

All Other Authors: Sofia Casanova, Stacy Malacari, Felicity Martin, Kaneana may, Sarah Taviani, Vivian Wei.

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Favourite Part!

Jes Layton is known as @ageekwithahat on all social media and is someone who I have interacted with at many bookish events and is just wonderful to talk to. She was having her own copy of underdog signed by people who asked for her signature. I think this is the coolest thing ever!

The whole event was just so humbling. It was plainly obvious that these authors couldn’t even believe it themselves that they could now see their writing on shelves, let alone in the biggest Dymocks in the city! Everyone was just so down to earth and genuinely excited and awestruck that everyone had come out to see them and celebrate their little stories in such a big way!

I’m so proud of every single one of them and all the other authors who I haven’t had the chance to meet, and to Tobias who made everything from a single crazy thought. Amazing!

Look Out For My Author Interview with Jes Layton on my blog!


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