A Woman’s Poem (SW#25)

A Woman’s Poem (SW#25)

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Another poem time!

I read a book about strong women. I reviewed a book about strong women. Click the link to read the review for Watch Us Rise by Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan, the story that inspired this poem.

I Read a Book Today
I read a book today that tore out my heart.

I read a book today that ticked my sides.
I read a book today that opened my eyes.
I read a book today that made me want to speak up.
The book I read today was about women.

I read a book today that made me cry. 
The book I read gave me hope.
It was about love 
of a different kind
A sweeter kind,
a kinder kind.

It was aggravating,
bone shaking,
protest making!

I want to speak out
and speak up.
Scream out and stand up
for what is right,
turn down what is wrong.

The book I read taught me how to stand up
and what to stand up for.
It gave my passion a spark, 
my writing a new voice
a new way to speak.

I read a book today from two amazing women.
These women gave me articulated insight
into a scary,
hate-filled world with a 
reason to fight harder
stronger, without 

I read a book today that made me feel everything
left me with a valuable message.

I read a book today that all women should read.
A story men need to understand
In a world where this,
the moral of the story
is the real world problem and 
Not fiction.
Not fantasy.
Real problems with real solutions.

The book I read today inspired me.

I wrote this poem after I’d finished reading Watch Us Rise. That book shook me in a way that no other book has done before. Pick it up, read it. Stand up for what you believe in and like this post if you like this poem x

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