My OC’s Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

My OC’s Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

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I’m trying to come as close as I can to finishing my first draft of #Realise before NaNoWriMo starts in just over a week so I want to talk about my characters as much as I can. This helps me to get to know them and makes it easier to write about them.

In today’s post, I’m having my OCs write letters to their favourite fictional characters in novels that I love! If I have reviewed the novel, it will be linked below the title next to my Book Depository affiliate link.


Rhiannon from Another Day by David Levithan

Another Day by David Levithan book cover 198x300 - My OC's Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

This is the craziest Diary entry I’ve ever written, but here goes…

To Rhiannon,

Your openness to accepting and loving A is beautiful. If only I could love someone so wholly. I don’t know how you can be around someone who is so unknown in their lives and how to act on their feelings towards you.

I relate to A a lot as a person who doesn’t know where I belong and I feel like I can’t find my place in the world. My best friend reminds me of you, but I don’t love him back. I pushed him away too. I want to know what it feels like to love someone so much, even if you’re not sure they love you/ can love you back.

How do you feel when A doesn’t know if they can stay? Am I damaging my best friend by pushing him away? Does it hurt to not be with A? and Can you be friends/ close with someone whom you love even if you’re unsure that they love you back?

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Ella Malikov from the Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (favourite book in the series is Gemina)

Gemina Book Cover 198x300 - My OC's Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

Hi Ella,

This would be super cool if I could actually send this to you because you’re absolutely epic! But a boy can dream, right?

I’m so glad the brilliant minds of Amie and Jay came up with you. As a computer science student who enjoys computing so much that I taught myself five coding languages and attempted to enter the dark web (but bitched out because I really shouldn’t be involved in that shit), I’m really really fascinated by your skills.

I want to use my schooling and coding skills to help people, much like you helped Nik and Hanna on the station. I want to expose people who do bad things, maybe become famous on YouTube for being an anonymous online hero. There are a few of them already and they’re super cool to watch.

I’d wonder if you were alive in this century if you’d cringe at Fortnight gamers, or maybe you’d use your skills to expose people and on the side stream free tv shows and movies instead of paying for a subscription service.

As I said, it’d be so cool we could actually chat because there’s so much I’d be able to learn from you. Then again, you are so much cooler than me, even if you were alive, you’d never even read my fanboyish message *smiling emoji with single tear*.

Thank You,

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Magnus Chase from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Series by Rick Riordan (favourite book: The Ship of the Dead)

magnus chase and the ship of the dead book cover 198x300 - My OC's Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

The only way for my sister to complete her English homework is if I do it with her, so here is a letter to my favourite book character. I hope this makes you smile Ella.

To Magnus,

I don’t read many books targeted to my age group, instead, I read middle-grade novels to my little sister.

I’d like to thank you for showing her how to accept others her age and older. Showing her how different your friends are and how important those friends are to you has changed her attitude towards her friends and people in the world in general. She has become more accepting of those around her.

After reading your story, there was a huge change in her idea of wrong and right. You showed her how to be a better person, how to understand the world and not be poisoned by the horrible views of society. To not judge the homeless and to make the effort to understand those of a different gender/ sexual orientation to her.

I love Ella and I’m glad she has characters like you in her life to look up to and I hope your story continues to inspire other children like her well into the future.

To Ella, if you read this, I love seeing you grow into a wonderful human each day. You have a beautiful heart and I dread the day when you won’t let me read to you anymore.

Lots of love, your big bro, Ed.

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Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Mass (favourite novel: A Court of Mist and Fury)

a court of mist and fury book cover 198x300 - My OC's Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

Hai Rhysand you sexy boy 😉

Kelly, stop writing on my notebook!

Don’t write in your diary in class. Also, Rhysand is the best character because he is sexy and has a large wingspan (if you know what I mean)


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Barista Girl

Val from Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

Once Future book cover 200x300 - My OC's Write Letters To Their (Bookish) Fictional Favs (SW#39)

Hi Val,

This is so weird writing to a book character.  Once and Future is now my favourite novel of all time right now I want to be like you, Val.

I’m writing this because I can’t write directly to the girl I’m crushing on. I’m not smooth like you, so openly flirting with Merlin without even knowing that he was into boys.

I think that this girl, her name is Jaz, likes girls – and maybe even boys – which I don’t mind. I just hope she likes me. If not, maybe we can be friends? She has my number, I’m going to leave it up to her to contact me, but that’s not what you would do, right?

I don’t know how to do this whole flirting and dating thing (if dating is to even happen), I’m so nervous. Finding a character like you that I want to be like gives me a little bit of direction on how to take situations, especially this one… I’m so nervous.

I’m starting to feel very much like Merlin and less like you, Val. I have to take more control of the situation between Jaz and I if I want it to work out as I hope. That’s what you would do.

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Side note: I did not intentionally make every novel cover blue (oops). The second book in the series is usually blue and usually the best ones. Also, my characters only have first names for the time being until I firmly establish their second names and nationalities and Barista Girl’s name is anonymous for now because of spoilers!

Let me know what you thought of this post. It is something different to what I usually post but does give an insight into the characters of my #Realise WIP for you all.

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