Odyssey Literary Festival (& Vlog!)

Odyssey Literary Festival (& Vlog!)

Heyo Bookaholics!

A perfect panel of authors, jaffles and best friends!

I’ve been taking every opportunity possible to catch up with my friends and the Tuesday that this literary festival fell on was perfect!

The Odyssey Literary Festival 2019: Raze / Rekindle was held at The Capitol, Melbourne and had seven events, of which I only went to one. Reads Like Teen Spirit: Writing Readers Through Trying Times was the event I attended with Lucie (@whatlucieisreading) and Sarah (@theyaroom) where we listened to Danielle Binks, Alison Evans, Nina Kenwood and Astrid Scholte speak about writing YA, being a part of the YA community as authors & readers and the influence they have on their audience.

IMG 6779 - Odyssey Literary Festival (& Vlog!)

Afterwards, we hung around outside and had a little chat with the authors. I also bumped into the wonderful Melanie Shubert (@melanie_schubert_author) who sent me her first-ever novel for review a while ago for review. I didn’t realise it was her (because I don’t look people in the eyes properly), but she recognised me which literally made my heart explode!

IMG 6787 - Odyssey Literary Festival (& Vlog!)

Melanie is now currently writing YA and I am so excited to read her work when it is picked up!

Lucie and I grabbed vegan jaffles afterwards, went to Dymocks where I, of course, had to purchase a novel. You’ll see my haul in the vlog that will be posted on my channel as linked below!

Odyssey Lit. Fest Vlog!

2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - Odyssey Literary Festival (& Vlog!)

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