I Wasn’t Home Alone… (Short Story)

I Wasn’t Home Alone… (Short Story)

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Unlike the last two StoryTimes, this story is not a true experience rather something that had sprouted from my wild imagination when I was actually home alone. This post is mostly inspired by YouTube storytellers such as LoeyLane and Hailey Reese who, with their stories are slowly eradicating my fear of the dark and the creatures within it, one story at a time. Their stories have given me the courage to write this story for you all today (even at 12am).

They had left me.

Finally I was home alone. I’d annoyed them so so much to let me stay home alone for the five days that they’d be gone, and they eventually relented; but now the house felt so empty. I locked up behind them and in all my excitement i turned on the t.v. to full volume and stretched across the couch.

Hours past and I remained on the couch scrolling through the t.v. guide, my movie long finished and any excitement about being at home alone left me.

The sky outside was beginning to get dark, and I knew that in a little over an hour the sky would be completely black and I’d officially be home alone at night with no one but myself to protect me when I eventually go to sleep. My heart began to race at the thought of this and I ran around the house locking every door, ensuring nothing or no one could get inside and hurt me.

Then I heard it.

The tapping was unlike anything I’ve heard in the house before. It started off silent and muted, much like my neighbour was doing work on the fence line so I thought nothing of it and went upstairs to grab my laptop.

It became louder.

The tapping sounded more like a banging now, slow and loud against the downstairs walls. I could feel the vibrations from my spot on the floor in my bedroom. I was shaking, my teeth chattering, everything felt cold and a chill slithered through my body. The reverberations of what was now banging, became more and more violent until I had to stand up. I didn’t know what to do, this was something I’ve only heard about in fiction, it can’t be happening.

Oh but it was.

Slowly, I walked over to my door and rested my hand on the door handle, listening for the thumping noises; but they’d stopped. I stood there frozen for what seemed like hours waiting for the sound to repeat itself; but it didn’t which only scared me more.

I stepped outside and called out into the darkness. “Hello?” I more or less screamed it, trying to prove to myself that I was the only one here. Hearing no response, I shook my head in disbelief and embarrassment that I could be so scared as to believe someone was inside my fully locked up and secure house.

Shaking my head I turned around to enter my bedroom, but I froze. A shadow of long fingers stretched along the wall in front of me, growing longer and longer until a full hand covered the wall. I ripped my phone out of my back pocket and fumbled to open the camera app, snapping the below image:

spooky shadows on the wall supkzsuyl thumbnail small09 - I Wasn't Home Alone... (Short Story)

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I was frozen in place, phone in hand and mind spinning. I was internally screaming over my subconscious that this could not be real, this was so not happening; but my subconscious was whispering the truth to me. “There’s something here.” It lets me know, the whisper louder than the lie I was screaming.

“No! No! Leave!” I began yelling. I wasn’t going to wake anyone because no one human was here.

“I don’t want to leave.” It whispered in my ear; a deep raspy rumble came from something that blew warm breath onto my ear. Goose bumps rose along by body from the nape of my neck to the tips of my toes and an involuntary shiver shook my body. “I want to play with you.”

Tears began forming in my left eye and my breath quickened, but I remained planted in the same spot unable to move. I wanted to scream, cry, run away and tell my parents to never leave me home alone again.

Realising I couldn’t see anything, I blinked twice clearing the tears from my eyes, some leaking out creating tracks across my dry cheeks. The moonlight shining in from the highlight windows created definition in the shadows that had begun to move towards my still body.

“You really should play with me.” The voice came again, the shadow moving towards me increased its speed at this and had begun travelling up my body, where it reached its long fingers around my neck and clenched.

“Say you’ll play a game with me.” The raspy voice deepened to something supernatural (if it wasn’t already). My eyes started watering and wheezing sounds escaped my throat as I tried to breath but couldn’t. What if I couldn’t answer? Would it let me go if I said yes to a game?

My throat became dry and sore, and stars formed in front of my eyes. I was loosing. Help. Help. I pleaded to my higher power to save me from whatever this was. The pain became so excruciatingly unbearable that my vision became black and I don’t know when it happened but I eventually passed out.

Let me know what you think of my first ever spooky story! Do you want a part 2? Tell me in the comments below xxx

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bree xoxo - I Wasn't Home Alone... (Short Story)

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