Plot Changes in Novel Writing #Realise (SW#28)

plot changes in writing 2019 header - Plot Changes in Novel Writing #Realise (SW#28)

Heyo Bookaholics! Sometimes the story plans itself! Realise. If you follow me on social media, you would have seen me hashtag that word in my stories, and sometimes in photo captions. In case you don’t, Realise is the name of the novel that I am writing! You can read more about the story’s origin in various Nanowrimo-themed posts on this blog as linked below: Nanowrimo 2018 – In which I talk about Nano 2018, why I chose to write this […]

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Superstitions – Poem (SW#27)

superstitions 27 blog header - Superstitions - Poem (SW#27)

Heyo Bookaholics! I needed to get this off of my chest! It’s true, all of it. I have so many necklaces. I never used to care much about which one I wore, they all mean something to me anyway. The ones my boyfriend bought me, or the few I received on my various birthdays and that thing I bought online too; all tying to memories, like a ball on a string I can use to pull the memories up. I […]

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Cute OTP Story Prompts (SW#26)

cute otp writing prompts 26 blog header 1 - Cute OTP Story Prompts (SW#26)

Heyo Bookaholics! Beating the Writer’s Block! Inspired by tumblr text posts that are seen all over social networking sites and usually appear unwarranted and when you least expect them. They’re always so cute, angsty, and just overall adorable figments of the writer’s imagination. I know that reading other people’s OTP story prompts has helped me clear my writer’s block and inspired me to write, so I hope that my little mismatched ideas do the same. Feel free to use these […]

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It’s Only A Game (SW #19) Part 2

its only a game part 2 19 blog header - It's Only A Game (SW #19) Part 2

Heyo Bookaholics! Coz you liked Part 1 so much! If you haven’t read Part 1 of this story, I suggest that you go read that right now by clicking on this link! Part 2: “You had a dinner? Like a date dinner?” I exclaim incredulously, maybe putting a little too much emphasis on the word ‘you’. What do you expect? Some crazy daemon looking dude appears in my kitchen making himself at home saying that I summoned him and made him […]

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Planned Conversations (SW#18) : Therapy

planned conversations 18 blog header 1 - Planned Conversations (SW#18) : Therapy

Heyo Bookaholics! Some things cannot stay in my head… Therapy “So I’ve decided not to take the medication.” My therapist and I had just settled into our respective seats facing each other when I broke the news – if it is even ‘news’ at all. I’d been thinking on her proposal for two weeks now, but deep down I knew, I really knew that medication isn’t the right thing for me. “Why? I think you should consider it.” She replied, […]

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TRAINS – A Short Story or potentially a full-length novel…

trains 13 blog header 1 - TRAINS - A Short Story or potentially a full-length novel...

Heyo Bookaholics! Welcome back to another storytime. This one I wrote while I was waiting for my train and I know it has a sad and possibly triggering ending, I don’t intend for it to end like this when I write it into a FULL-LENGTH NOVEL! Yep, I intend to write this into a book so look out for news on a WIP called TRAINS over on my Instagram or Twitter! TRAINS. In a town decimated by a deadly plague, residents fight for survival. Cut […]

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Shaking Hands – A Story About An Anxious Teen.

shaking hands 12 blog header - Shaking Hands - A Story About An Anxious Teen.

Heyo Bookaholics! I was feeling quite panicked today in regards to the YouTube video that I had edited but didn’t like (so didn’t end up posting), and I wasn’t planning on writing this post BUT I needed something to ease my shaking hands and heavy chest. I’d had the pounding heart and shortness of breath before, usually during a minor inconvenience, which just turned into one major inconvenience. I called it “a weird feeling” or “my chest hurts”. Never had […]

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The Green Gentlewoman

the green gentlewoman 2018 header - The Green Gentlewoman

Heyo Bookaholics! First off; this is my first time making an aesthetic layout and I think it turned out perfect! Today I want to talk about one of the characters from my more quieter works that I want to keep very much quiet, only because there isn’t much going for it right now. It’s called The Truth About Meme Fox. TTAMF is a story I wanted to start writing on Wattpad but I never got around to actually starting it […]

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My Heart For You – Short Story (SW)

my heart beats for you 9 blog header - My Heart For You - Short Story (SW)

Heyo Bookaholics! The night before I wrote this, I finished reading All of This Is True By Lygia Day Peñaflor and I was a mess of confusion and full of inspiration. It left me with so many more questions than if it had ended 20 pages earlier than it had; I’ll have my review posted next Monday sharing all of my thoughts about this book; the good, the bad and the irony. So after reading, I had this brilliant idea […]

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The Scary Voice In My Dreams | Storytime Wednesay

the voices of my dreams 8 blog header - The Scary Voice In My Dreams | Storytime Wednesay

  Heyo Bookaholics! Welcome back to another storytime. Today I’ll be narrating the only scary dream I remember from when I was a child. This was the only reoccurring scary dream that I’ve ever experienced. It was at times oddly comforting, and in my later years I’d call it back somehow to put me to sleep when I wasn’t able to. I hope you find it as creepy as I did. The Scary Voice in My Dreams…

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