Darkdawn Melbourne Book Launch!

Darkdawn Melbourne Book Launch!

Heyo Bookaholics!

“So we all know that Mia dies, it is written on page 1…” – C.S.Pacat

“Paragraph 3.” – Jay Kristoff

“…of Nevernight.” – C.S.Pacat

Last night was the launch of Jay Kristoff’s latest novel Darkdawn which is the third and final book in the Nevernight Chronicles. The event was held at Dymocks Melbourne and moderated by C. S. Pacat, the author of the Captive Prince trilogy.

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C.S. Pacat asked some wonderful questions which had Jay talking for a long while. Some of the things we learnt about this award-winning author:

Jay has levels of angry while drafting a novel. He told us how he reached a level 9 on the angry scale and became a hermit in Italy for a month, writing a significant about of Darkdawn on the trip. He said that about 60,000(-ish) words of the Darkdawn we read today was written on that trip. Oh and he almost died on that trip.

There are three endings to Darkdawn and the one we see now is the nicest of the three. I asked if he would release the endings but he said they are dark, and one is VERY dark and he fears the readers might hate him if they read it.

He cut 60,000 words out of the first draft of Nevernight. The draft he submitted when pitching the novel was mainly about Mia and her backstory, with a significant amount of the words containing information about her childhood. The reason he cut it was because, and I quote (loosely):

“The story is about a girl going to murder school, but it can’t be if she doesn’t actually get to the murder school.”

You can purchase Nevernight at Dymocks or The Book Depository for $19.99 AUD.

The Cake & Other Goodies

As per usual with Melbourne book launches, the amazing Jes (@cakeandmadness on Instagram and Twitter) made the cake. She and her girlfriend also made the dagger you see in the cake as well as many mini daggers, painting them with varying levels of blood for us to buy!

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Cake and Cupcakes. The cake was red velvet and the cupcakes had ‘blood’ on some of them.

As mentioned, she made these cute mini daggers with pins on the back that we – Kat (@stars.and.embers) and I – wore the entire night…until I decided to put it through my little hoop earring. I kept it in for the entire 2.5 hours we waited in the signing line, and for my photo with Jay.

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Many Mini Mias (hehe)

We were (Mr.) kindly surprised by Piéra Forde who is a YouTuber and actress. She is also currently working with a team producing the Nevernight film. Along with her coming in her Mia film costume, there were two other girls in full mia cosplay. The three of them took a photo doing the Spiderman meme pose.

I only managed to capture Piéra (right) and Alex (left) in the Spiderman meme pose, but I’m sure the other photo is on the internet somewhere…

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Mia-ception. Two Mias in the Spiderman meme pose.

Let me say, the dark circles beneath my eyes really set the mood.

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And Finally,

The photo with the man himself. He complimented me on my earring and as usual, I was flustered when speaking to him – as I am with all people so…

img 6362701090534 1024x683 - Darkdawn Melbourne Book Launch!

It’s always so much fun at a book launch in Melbourne. Hyped up on caffeine, I made friends whilst waiting in line to get my book signed and was able to see many of my bookish friends with whom I only talk to on social media. It’s always so strange seeing internet friends IRL but amazing to be surrounded by people with the same interests and loves as you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really wanted to show off these photos and my new prized possession – the mini dagger pin/ earring. More photos will be posted on my Instagram as linked below xx

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