Caffeine-Induced Nonsensical Ramblings. SW#34

Caffeine-Induced Nonsensical Ramblings. SW#34

Heyo Bookaholics!

My head is in a million places at once. I apologise in advance.

Hi!       Hi!       Hi!        Hi!        Hi!        Hi!        Hi!        Hi!       Hi!

Disclaimer: This sounds like total nonsense, please take it as nonsense and do not be concerned in any way shape or form because I am totally okay.

So for the past three hours, I have been writing lecture notes, not sticking to my schedule and frantically writing down every coherent thought in my head about what I need to do in the next 5 months BECAUSE I am still extremely caffeinated. I do want a camomile tea to calm down but I can’t bring myself to leave my desk. Despite this, I have actually managed to get some tasks accomplished, but they’re so minor, I can’t even acknowledge them in this state (I’ll thank myself tomorrow though).

The purpose of this post is just for me to have a little ramble. Give you an insight into my mind when I’ve had caffeine, even if I did consume it over 6.5 hours ago at 3:30 pm, which in hindsight wasn’t my wisest decision.

Yes, I do not do well on coffee but that has never stopped me before!

My head is in a million places right now. There are like more than four but coherent scenarios/ lists/ thought groups playing out in my mind which are actually causing me to not see straight. That might be a concern, but meh(?)

Strange metaphor time:

It’s literally like my body is a doll and I am occupying it but also sharing it with the multiple tabs I have open which are also different of versions of me all trying to do a different task at the same time. So my body is being pulled back and forth and I have to focus on which tab I want to open but there are so many to choose from and I keep flicking back and forth between them. This causes my body to move really fast – like a computer fan – running really really fast to try and get all the tasks done.

For instance, here are a couple of tabs that are currently open and annoying me:

  • Coherent Thought Tab 4: A running list of video ideas that are cycling through my brain that I desperately want to film but can’t because I currently don’t have an SD card with significant storage. So that leads to the fact that I need to buy an SD card which also costs money. RIP. Also, it’s 10 pm here and I am in no way filming whilst in my pyjamas so can these thoughts please go away!
  • Coherent Thought Tab 1: YOU [I] HAVE LAW OF COMMERCE HOMEWORK!!! F$#@!


As I say all of this out loud I realise how bad coffee is for me. Also how much of a bloody trip having caffeine is and just how absolutely hyper I am right now. I really don’t know how I’m writing this post.

Proceed with caution, It gets weird here…

I’ve also had the strangest thought that maybe people who sleepwalk are just a little bit possessed by like minor ghosts who want to know what it feels like to be in a human body again. For those people who do things while sleepwalking – like eat or drink – the ghost is just worried about the human’s health and doesn’t want them to join them in the ghost realm. OR MAYBE! The ghost thinks the human body isn’t exercising enough and is walking them around to exercise?

Then here is the thought of sentient cars. Like what if we’re so scared of androids who look like us and take over, but we haven’t even considered the self-driving cars and what will happen when they become sentient! Would self-driving cars have personalities and just cause us to become extinct? Is that the plot of the movie Cars? Have I discovered the secrets to the universe? Maybe that’s why Wallee and Cars take place in the same timeline!? Oh, maybe I heard this in a SuperCarlinBrothers video?? But I’m pretty sure I made up the sentient cars thing. The rest is all theirs. Yeah, that seems right.

The real question is, do I need everything I buy or do I just want it because I convince myself I need it? Like why do I keep things for projects that I can’t do because I’m busy? Am I just so convinced that I need things? Am I a hoarder? Or just materialistic? Do I need help?


I hope you found some enjoyment in this post and my silly ramblings. I did enjoy writing it and letting some things out and onto the page. Please let me know your thoughts on this nonsense in the comments and if you’d like to see more caffeinated ramblings!

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With Love Bree xx

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