Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!

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Another January Baby!

Disclaimer: I want to add this disclaimer here to say that Finn posted on their Instagram (@miriamjoywrites) story that their pronouns are they/them. This is my first experience using they/them pronouns so if there are any errors in this post please do let me know (kindly) as I have tried my very best to ensure the pronouns have been used correctly.

As a part of day 22 of #FinnFuryrevolution, the prompts asked us to recreate any one of @MiriamJoyWrites (Finn) photos! Firstly;


I, myself a January baby am so happy that both C. G. Drews and Finn are January babies too!! These photo challenges are so much fun because it feels like I’m giving these humans both a gift by recreating one of their photos. Not in the best way, but I did try my very hardest trust me!

This time, I have chosen to recreate the following photo of Finn’s:

screen shot 2019 01 23 at 12.14.19 am - Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!   miriamjoywrites photo - Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!

Mine includes far fewer flowers, due to my lack of props, and I’m quite of ashamed to have it next to Finn’s masterpiece! I absolutely love the photos as they’re filled with bright vibrant flowers and funky book arrangements that just make me smile. It’s so amazing how there can be so much colour and happiness flowing from these images, filling me with a sense of happiness each time I click onto their account.

If you want to experience this euphoria for yourself, you can follow their:

 Instagram @MiriamJoyWrites,        YouTube,        Blog,       Book Blog

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2 e1530100090524 - Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!

What is your favourite @MiriamJoyWrites’ photo?? Also, go leave her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY comment and a few cake and streamer emojis on her recent posts!

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1 - Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!

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Jan 2019 30 days of blogging 1 - Recreating a @MiriamJoyWrites Instagram Photo!

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