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2018 Was A Brilliant Reading Year!

This post is for Day 24 of #FinnFuryRevolution.

I haven’t given enough credit to myself about my reading habits of 2018. I read novels from a lot of new authors, including the two I am going to talk about in this post. I have mentioned previously that Bloomsbury kindly sends me proof copies of new release novels in advance which has helped me widen my reading range and discover books I would otherwise never pick up; as well as find new authors.

Because I couldn’t choose just one author out of the many new ones that I have discovered last year, I chose two. Both stand out in my eyes for vastly different reasons. The first is one I fell in love with through her words, and the other is one that took me two books before I realised that maybe it was the characters in the first book that kind of let me down the initially.

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Lygia Day Peñaflor – @lygiaday

According to Goodreads Lygia Day Peñaflor has written two novels: Unscripted Joss Byrd published 2016, and All of This Is True published in 2018.

A biography on her website describes her as a woman who became “a writer by writing letters to a friend she met on a cruise ship when she was 14. [She] also teaches child stars on television and movie sets. Her students have included cast members of Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order SVU, I Am Legend and others. She lives with her husband on Long Island where she rides horses and watches reruns of everything.”

I loved her writing. It had a mystery drama vibe but nothing too cheesy. What made it was the alternations in the formatting, as it was the story was comprised of interview transcripts, narratives, snippets of a novel written by one of the characters (bookception), emails, journal, entries, and just about everything a journalist would desire when comprising a complex, juicy news story. You can read my review here.

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A. C. Gaughen – @acgaughen

As discovered from her website, the A. C. in her name stands for ‘Anne Catherine’. I also discovered an insanely long bio, which could’ve been condensed into a really cool ‘draw-my-life’ and ended with a cute photo of her dog! Head over to to see the photos and read the bio.

A shorter version of who she is can be found on her Goodreads profile. She states that “[she is] shamelessly addicted to staying up far too late…, diet coke.., Scotland… and thieves… ” Which if you ask me, really translates into her works. Her novels include three books from the Scarlet Series and so far, two from the Elementae Series.

You may’ve heard me talking about A. C. Gaughen on my various social media (mostly Instagram and Twitter) as I am currently reading a second book by her. I chose her as a second author because 1. I had never heard of her, and 2. it wasn’t until I had started reading the second book in the Elementae series; Imprison The Sky (review up in Feb), that I realised how deep her protagonists were. I guess it just takes a second chance to see the true potential of an author. You can read my review for her first book, Reign The Earth here.

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Have you found a new author that you’ve fallen in love with??

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