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What is this!? Two posts in one week??? I think I’m finally starting to get my sh*t together, and the sad thing is I have so many brilliant ideas for posts on this blog written in a cute pen in a cute pink notebook, that I stupidly keep procrastinating.

But enough of that! Now I have a cool new phone, big enough to type up blog posts and make posts on the go I wont have to make excuses about not having my computer on me to post.

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Now that that little rant is over with, I want to tell you all about how my NaNoWriMo writing month went.

It went….. okay.

So I went into this with an already started story that I was origionally writing and I felt like I needed a reason for myself to put more effort into it.

The book started with around 1,500 words, and over the course of the first week, which consisted of studying for Uni exams, procrastinating said studying, and many mental breakdowns, I managed to raise my total word count to 3,257 words. I made my personal goal 15,000 words because there was no way I was going to reach 50,000 words like most people.

It all went downhill from there.

But first some information about my book!

  • It is called The Inversion (written by yours truly)
  • I have all the character profiles set out on pinterest boards (they’re private sorry)
  • As at today, the book has 4 complete chapters. Hooray!
  • I plan to have 3 books 🙂

Below is a pic I scabbed off Pinterest which pretty much sums up the story as I have no blurb for it – because I hate writing those when I haven’t got a finished copy buuuuuuutttt……..

inversion - I AM WRITING A BOOK!

I will give you a bit of a background of the story thus far (as best I can).

The Inversion is a book about the phases that occur in the world due to something something to do with the main character, and these phases become more catastrophic as time goes on until it leads to an ultimate world inverting event.

And because that summary was so sh*tty, I will insert a snipet below:

THOUGH SHE COULD BE no more than two, she watched her parents burn, hot flames licking every inch of their bodies. The heat dried out her mouth as she cried out for something to alleviate the pain. The smell of burning flesh imprinted itself into the child’s memory like the brand on her forearm, that read e62. Her short life could be summed up in one adult word: traumatic.

She could by no means be held accountable for the timing of her birth. The first phase was coming to a close when she was conceived. Her parents, foolish and rebellious, gave into their urges and desires, wanting a child before they died despite knowing their time was soon. Oh how selfish humans can be.

It was hard to chose this snippet but it is from a displaced chapter coming later in the book and it is one of the first scenes I had written back last year.

So that’s all the background.

As at today (30-Nov-2017) I have a total of……….. 3,970 words.

Yes, very shameful, but in my defence I had work and exams and if there is one thing I have learnt about myself this month is that I tend to write really well when I am under immense mental pain.

Mental pain categorised as such; when I am feeling hatred towards myself or others in my mind, and it makes great for writing scenes in sci-fi/ fantasy books much like the one I am writing, and I guess those moments occurred when I was either preoccupied by other stuff or wasn’t nearest a device. That was why whenever I wrote, the quality of writing wasn’t up to my standard and I didn’t write, so much as edit all the stuff I had tried to write, as it all seemed inconsistent.

If anyone is wandering I will be continuing writing this book and possibly other short stuff. I also have a Wattpad account where I haven’t posted in a year or two but I pride myself on my story Realise and Sam.

Whoever wants to see more of my writing please comment below and I may make future posts containing poems and/ or snippets of my book.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Saturday 🙂

bree xoxo - I AM WRITING A BOOK!

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