Flying The Flag: House Pride Aesthetics

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Holla To The Hufflepuffs!

This post is still related to the prompts from the #FinnFuryRevolution Instagram challenge, but instead of discussing country pride (ew), I’ve chosen to talk about another global family that I am a part of! I’ve collected and collaged some posts from Pinterest that encompass what it is to be a Hufflepuff, really emphasising the emotions of happiness and freedom.

hufflepuffcolage - Flying The Flag: House Pride Aesthetics


If there is ever a theme song for Hufflepuff house it has to be Smile by Uncle Kracker. Not sure if anyone remembers the song but look it up because it’s the perfect song for such a happy, fun-loving and inclusive house. Whenever I’m sad, I think about the fact that the metaphorical Sorting Hat chose me (on three separate attempts) to be in the best house of Hogwarts!

I hope you enjoyed this short fun post! Comment down below what house you’re in and what you love the most about it!

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What’s your Harry Potter House??

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