Dystopia or Utopia? Where Do You Stand?

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It’s The Age Old Question!

This post is for the third-last day of my personal 30-Day-Blog Challenge I’ve tasked myself with doing this January. I am using the prompts from the #FinnFuryRevolution book photo challenge on Instagram, created by @PaperFury and @MiriamJoyWrites.

At Day 29 of the challenge, we come across the prompt: Dystopia or Utopia?

I love how open-ended the prompt it is, leaving the floor open to a discussion about what is better. I personally love reading Dystopian novels, but I really just think that is because of the severe lack of Utopian themed novels in YA Lit.

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I’m getting ahead of myself… Let’s slow down and take a look at the definitions of these two words.

Dystopia is an antonym of Utopia. A noun used to describe a society where there is great suffering and/or injustice; typically viewed as a post-apocalyptic or tyrannical society.

The other side of that coin is Utopia, another noun but this time used to describe a state in which everything is perfect. The most common literary example of this is the novel Utopia by Thomas More, but Utopia is also the name of the sanctuary for mutants in the X-Men comics. You can understand why.

You know the meanings, What Now?

Well, now we have to see where you as a reader stand in this debate. Don’t think this is an easy answer by the way. There are two parts to this.

  1. What genre of books would you rather read: Dystopian or Utopian?
  2. What society would you rather live in, a Dystopian one or a Utopian one?

Where Do You Stand?


The following questionnaire will decide if you are more of a dystopian or utopian fiction lover.

  • Do you love a good juicy action scene?
  • Are zombies, plagues, death, famine and the possibility of a grim future interesting topics to read about?
  • Would you be okay losing a protagonist or two (maybe all of them)?
  • Do you think a perfect society is boring and essentially an impossible thing to happen?
  • Do you thrive off of chaos?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you are very driven to reading novels with a dystopian theme. Be prepared for the danger and possible deaths of some of your favourite characters. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Our current society can be put somewhere between a dystopian and utopian one, maybe on the specrum, we are leaning towards the more apocalyptic/ world war dystopian side (I’m looking at you Trump); but what society would best suit you?

  • You are physically fit and able to outrun the average human (or possibly zombie)?
  • Do you have the ability to hoard – and eat – canned food and non-perishable items?
    • More importantly, you cannot have allergies.
  • Are you skilled in the art of farming and keeping a simple plant alive?
  • Have you had experience in any of the following crafts: sewing clothes, quiltmaking, cooking, welding, etc.?
  • Do you cope well in high intensity/ spontaneous situations?
  • Do you own few treasured possessions (like one thing. You can’t take everything in an apocalypse, your backpack can’t be too heavy)?

If you answered YES to all of these, I think you are insane and you are totally ready for the apocalyptic dystopian society that the orange man will befall on us.

I personally can say that I answered NO to 5/7 of these questions and I am in no way fit for an apocalypse so let’s hold off on that for now until I decide to hit the gym and eat healthily… No, but seriously, I am probably not alone in saying that I have thought about the possibility of the western world falling into a state of disarray and I do not like what my mind thinks up.

I am honestly quite grateful that we live in neither an entirely utopian or dystopian society. I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted post on two topics that I love the most and I have been excited to talk about for a long while! Leave your results to the questions down in the comments below!

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What situation would you want to be placed in; a utopian or dystopian world??

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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With Love Bree xx

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