The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!

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This is a Joke, but please be careful!

We have reached the end on January, and the final day in the #FinnFuryRevolution Bookstagram (and now blog prompt) challenge! Today our prompt is Book Stacks!

If you are on Bookstagram or like to lurk through book photos on any platform, you’ve 100% come across photos like the following (the first two are my own, and the last two are from Pinterest):

IMG 5271 - The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!IMG 5270 - The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!be70fbaddb5a826efc4628573d62ff58 - The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!d2463d71eb3454686569aa853357ea1a - The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!

These are known as ‘Book Stacks’. Quite an obvious name because they’re just literally a stack of books! A book stack can be of any height and can include books of any width. If the books all vary in height, you get something unaesthetic like the first two photos which are kinda ew; these are the least picturesque, but more fun book stacks to have around mostly due to the imminent danger of them falling. That gets me to the point of this post:

The dangers of Book Stacks and how to avoid them!

Yes, as I mentioned book stacking is a dangerous sport! You have to know how to do it properly and still have fun whilst doing it. They make for great photo opportunities but can also land you a large bruise (or a bruised book).

  • Books have a very reckless nature, especially those fantasy ones, and they really don’t like being stacked on top of one another. To avoid them from shaking in their dust jackets, make sure you place the older adult books on the bottom – they’ve had their fun and won’t be choosing to bother you – then go for the older kids – mystery kids below fantasy, they keep an eye on each other. Also never split up series, a family doesn’t like to be separated. Then put the smaller ones on the top. The contemporaries are the most problematic and free-spirited.
  • To minimise damage to your book children, make sure you talk to them and reassure them of the dangers of what they are getting in to. Some books don’t like to be up so high and get scared. They might fall on accident and bruise their corners or dint their spines.
  • Obtain the consent of a book before stacking it. Hold it in your hands and really feel its soul. If you feel it in your heart (not your mind, they don’t talk, silly) that they do not want to participate in such a dangerous sport, put them back and find another that fits their profile that will provide you with their consent.
  • Then there is always the danger to yourself. Keep yourself safe by following the first 3 pointers but also wearing safety clothing while stacking your books. Make sure you have your reading glasses on to protect your precious eyes and arm yourself with a bookmark, sometimes force may be necessary.
  • Always be alert. You never know when one might choose to shake up the pile or get a little scared. If you are taking photos of them, talk to your books to make them feel comfortable and don’t forget to make sure they say cheese!

I hope you enjoyed this wacky post, closing out the month of January and my 30 Days of Blogging! I had so much fun doing this challenge with these wacky prompts. Which day of the challenge was your favourite???

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Did you enjoy the 30 days of blogging? Do you have any other prompts you’d like me to wite about?

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1 - The Dangerous Fun Of BookStacks!!

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