Storytime Wednesday: My YouTube Addiction

Storytime Wednesday: My YouTube Addiction

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Wow look at me being all clickbait-y!

Let me start off by saying that yes, I truly believe that I have become addicted to YouTube, and by no means willingly.

Today I will take you through my journey down the rabbit hole that is YouTube; what pushed me; my journey in the dark; and where I am now.

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It all started three months ago at the beginning of what we call SWOT Vac (I literally don’t know what that stands for, but it is the period of time in which students study for their exams); and my brilliant mind thought that maybe watching YouTube would help me focus on my exam study; because that’s logical.

Let’s talk YouTubers.

I was a dedicated watcher of the book side of YouTube, also known as BookTube. Since I am a reader and book blogger, I watched a lot to videos from JessieTheReader, PolandBananaBooks, ABookUtopia, ADashOfAsh, etc. There are many other channels that I became super obsessed with over the years, but over exam time, as my taste in stuff changed and my reading declined, I got into some different types of YouTubers I used to cast off as weird.

Being obsessed with my nails and being an overall crazy person, I stumbled across Cristine from SimplyNailogical, watched one video and SMASHED that subscribe button! It was this point I started to deviate from the bookish content and venture to the more weird side of YouTube…

After literally watching a years worth of Cristine’s videos, figuring out her life story, venturing into her older nail tutorials, I finally clicked onto the colab she did with ThreadBanger, and the cycle of video watching began again.

Over and over, I discovered YouTuber after YouTuber. Shane Dawson, Grav3yardgirl, Garrett Watts. I went into the crazy cycle of watching all of their videos, to the point where I even put them onto the lounge room tv when no one was home and watch for hours.

The point of this blog post is to prove that YouTube has taken over my life, as these endless cycles of addiction to the content each channel posts, getting fooled by obvious clickbait, and most importantly not even making time to read because I’m watching YouTube, or someone just uploaded and I wont get out of bed for an hour because I’m watching YouTube.

You see it is good for some things. Like keeping entertained, or as background noise, but the whole point of people creating these videos is to make people watch them, keep them engaged and essentially make money off of people like me who do nothing but wait for an upload each week.

Let me know in the comments below if you feel like you have been sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole and like myself, can’t leave.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Saturday 🙂

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