My Life In Book Titles (Book Tag)

My Life In Book Titles (Book Tag)

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Today I am bringing you a pretty long book tag. I’m not 100% sure where I found this tag but I remember seeing it somewhere, thinking it was the coolest thing ever, wrote down the prompts then forgot about it for a year.

Due to the draft of this post being three pages in my A5 notebook, I won’t ramble for too long. So without further ado, lets begin the tag!

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Title The Story of Your Life: More Than This (Patrick Ness) – I chose this book as there is still more of my life to experience in both physical terms and the discovery of myself and who I am yet to become.

A Title That Describes Your Perfect Weekend: Release (Patrick Ness) – My perfect weekend is to just take time away from everything and release with a book by the pool; or just have some chill time with my favourite person.

Title of The Adventure You’d Like To Go On: City Of Glass (Cassandra Clare) – Not so much an adventure, rather a place I’d love to visit. Alicante sounds like such a beautifully stunning place to be. The rolling hills and the stunning glass towers would just be wonderful to experience.

Name Your Children Using Book Titles: Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov) – I’ve never read the book, though I’ve heard of it and it is a name I absolutely love the name!

Book Title Describing Your Summer Plans: We See Everything (William Sutcliffe) – Another book I haven’t read (but will read soon), though I just love the title and it reminds me that over Summer I just want to see and do anything and everything.

Title Your 2018 Goals: Love, Lies, and Linguine (Hilary Spiers) – This “not reading the book” thing is a big bad habit. In 2018 I wish there to be more love, food and I guess there’ll be more snitches and b*tches but I am looking forward to all 2018 has to offer.

Title Your Ideal Job: The Book Thief (Marcus Zuzak) – 1. I don’t know of any books with Accountant in the title (excluding my textbook); and 2. if I could fins a way to, I would love to make money off of this blog.

A Title of The Place You’d Like To Visit: The Thousandth Floor (Katherine McGee) – Not literally an apartment like in the book, rather a place somewhere away, isolated; somewhere with a view. Whether it be atop a hill or at the beach.

Title Your Love Life: Nowhere Near You (Leah Thomas) – Because my boyfriend lives so damn far away!!!

Title A Kingdom: Moonrise (Sarah Crossan) – It’s such a pretty name and reminds me of the moon rising over the kingdom at night.

Title You’d Name Your Band: Stealing Snow (Danielle Paige) – It sounds like an edgy band name and something a rock band would be called.

A Title To Describe Your Favourite Colour: Because You Love To Hate Me (Ameriie) – I absolutely love the colour pink!!! Some shades I dislike, especially when they don’t look good on me.

Describe Your Book Besties: Forever (Maggie Steifvater) – Tracy, who I met at uni and bonded over our love of books, I believe we will stay friends of a long time. The Pearl Thief (Elizabeth Wein) – I’m unsure why, but this title reminds me on my Instagram bestie Fey @feysbookishworld. She is so precious!

Title How You Feel About 2017 So Far: The Story Of Me And You (Emery Lord) – This years has been crazy! One I won’t ever forget! I don’t think anyone will ever forget their first year at uni, with all the amazing people I’ve met, and stuff I’ve done; especially meeting my boyfriend has made this year the best yet.


If you got to the bottom of this post, thank you! I hope you all enjoyed your 2017 and comment below what you expect from the coming 2018 year.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Monday 🙂

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