Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs!

Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs!

Heyo Bookaholics!

All The Vlogs Are Live!

2019 is coming to a close and so are my holidays. Although, not just yet.

You all know Sarah and I went to Korea at the end of last month. I vlogged most of our trip, editing them myself – and as you may be able to tell if you watch them – I got better at editing towards the end.

At the end of this month, I will also be jet setting off on another holiday. I may not be vlogging a lot of this next holiday as it is mostly family and full of people who don’t quite like being on camera. Although if I go to some cool places (which I guarantee I will), I’ll 100% take footage of them for you all!

I was so tempted to not unpack my suitcase from the last holiday, but the weather at the two destinations is so vastly different, I need an entire change of wardrobe. Although I am so happy to be back home with friends and surrounded by all the other people I love in my life.

I am also not working until next year, so if there is any blog or video content you want to see from me, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll get to filming/ drafting the ideas during this period!

My Kind Of Holiday

I absolutely love being on holidays. Having that time off to explore and do nothing but immerse myself in a new environment that is so vastly different to the one I am usually surrounded with is everything I want.

Everyone says that holidays are about sitting back and relaxing, but in my opinion, that just means you miss the opportunity to see everything and take in the place you paid so much and travelled so far to be.

I think holidays, especially ones that take you overseas, are about exploring. Those 15-18 hour days where you wake up at sunrise and don’t settle down until well after sunset. The days where you decided to hike the tallest peak in the city on a 1-degree day, or those days where you ride almost 7 hours, then decided to continue the day by exploring the night markets. Those are the holidays I live for.

I love times where I’m not working on personal projects. Not doing something I could be doing while at home. Not working or stressing over any form of work.

Give me theme parks and long walks around an island.
Give me bike rides and waterfalls.
GIve me scenic views and friends who want their photos taken.
Give me a place where I can settle down for the night with a movie and my journal.
Give me friends who don’t mind walking all over the city to find a cafe.
Give me the freedom to spend my money like I own Apple or something.
Give me a holiday.

Now that, to me, is a holiday.

The Videos!

I’ve linked all the vlogs I uploaded to my YouTube channel whilst I was in Korea down below. You can click on the thumbnails and they will take you to the video you want to watch (how cool is that?)!

Korea Vlog  Day 1 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  Day 2 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  Day 3 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  Day 4 and 5 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  Day 6 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  Day 7 8 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs! Korea Vlog  JeJu Island In 20 Minutes 300x169 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs!

I hope you enjoyed this post, go forth to watch the vlogs and enjoy them even more! Be aware, I did edit all of these myself so the first few are kind of meh but the videos get more enjoyable as the holiday progresses.

2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - Travel Talk & Final Korea Vlogs!

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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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