Cute OTP Story Prompts (SW#26)

Cute OTP Story Prompts (SW#26)

Heyo Bookaholics!

Beating the Writer’s Block!

Inspired by tumblr text posts that are seen all over social networking sites and usually appear unwarranted and when you least expect them. They’re always so cute, angsty, and just overall adorable figments of the writer’s imagination.

I know that reading other people’s OTP story prompts has helped me clear my writer’s block and inspired me to write, so I hope that my little mismatched ideas do the same.

Feel free to use these as story prompts or one-shot ideas, maybe even make them into a story of your own! Please credit me if you do and pretty please link me to your story because I’d love to read it 🙂


* Person A is lying on their back on the bed, holding the phone up to the ceiling and ignoring the pain in their arms. ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ is playing on the screen. Person B is standing at the foot of the bed, out of sight, twirling a ring between their fingers teeth clenched and shoulders tense. “Hey.” Person B scares Person A into dropping the phone onto their nose. “I have a question.” Person A sits up, concerned by the shake in their lover’s voice. B takes a deep breath; “Do you want to pick out a dress too?” “I’m more of a suit kinda person.” A laughs out a reply, which dies out as they watch Person B drop to their knee holding up a simple gold ring with small markings around it.

* Person A bites their fingernails and this bothers Person B, so Person B offers to paint Person A’s nails. They take two hours trying to make it perfect, doing nail art, gradients, watching YouTube videos; yet the nails turn out so so ugly! Person A is so overwhelmed by love and promises to keep the painting in perfect condition for as long as possible, layering on excessive clear coat polish to seal off the artwork. Person A forces themselves to stop nail biting and keeps the polish on for weeks until it begins to crack, and peel, but Person B repaints them.

* Person B hurries out of the rain and into their house to find Person A wrapped in a blanket lying on the couch. Person B creeps up alongside the couch and crawl on top, wrapping their arms around their significant other. The two lie there all night, finally rising when they cannot discern their stomach rumbles from the storm outside.

* Person A is staring lazily into the oven, watching their cake rise and Person B comes up behind, scaring Person A into turning around and thrusting a bunch of wild Daisies in their face. The tiny flowers held ridiculously between Person B’s thumb and forefinger.

* Person B wakes up to Person A tapping their face lightly and singing along to the rhythm alternatively Person B wakes up to Person A softly running a make-up brush up and down their face.

* Person A and B are standing side-by-side brushing their teeth in front of the mirror. That’s it.

* Person A is throwing pillows around the bedroom, mad about something. Person B can hear the noise from the kitchen and goes about lighting all the candles in the vicinity, opening a packet of chips and turning on Harry Potter, listening as Person A makes a different noise: feet pattering across the hallway.

Did you enjoy these? This is my first attempt at this and now my brain is fried. Goodnight xx
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If you happen to use any of these ideas, please give me credit xxx

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With Love Bree xx

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