The Green Gentlewoman

The Green Gentlewoman

Heyo Bookaholics!

First off; this is my first time making an aesthetic layout and I think it turned out perfect!

Today I want to talk about one of the characters from my more quieter works that I want to keep very much quiet, only because there isn’t much going for it right now. It’s called The Truth About Meme Fox. TTAMF is a story I wanted to start writing on Wattpad but I never got around to actually starting it because I thought the concept was too difficult for my writing capabilities at the time.

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I want to keep TTAMF a secret project as my main project; The Inversion is something I am trying to promote at the moment, and I am still unsure whether I want to make this novel – TTAMF – a mystery novel where I follow the investigation into a murder, or I go into the backstory of the victim and tell the story leading up to the events.

I didn’t think I wanted to create the main character’s profile prior to writing the novel, as I believed it would be a very plot-based novel – which it still could be – with the characters physical appearances being left up to the minds of my readers. But; I was creating this aesthetic layout for the fun of it, just trying to be all tumblr chic; and it hit me! This is my character! Whether this is Meme Fox or not, will be determined whilst I write the story; unless you as readers have any opinions.

I might put some info for this book up in later posts but for now this is all I’m willing to share, I hope you love it as much as I do xx

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What did you think of my aesthetic layout? I hope to do more in the future to encapsulate the various characters from my various works.

Do you guys have any tips for creating layouts?? I couldn’t find anything online, so if you know any resources, or have any tips please do let me know by leaving a comment below or via my socials!

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Thank You, With Love Bree xx

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  1. I love it! I think that picture of the girl’s face is one I used for Lilias, the love interest of my WIP so I’m definitely biased though XD Is this character the investigator or the victim?

    • Thank you! Ooh that’s awesome, there are some gems on Pinterest. I actually don’t have a plan for this WIP in terms of whom the characters are but I hope to get into it a bit next year.
      Who do you think she’d be? The Investigator or the Victim?

      • I’m hoping for investigator tbh! I tend to read just Agatha Christie mystery novels and she seems pretty different to Miss Marple and Poirot so it would set up for an interesting story 🙂

        • Ooh I’ll keep that in mind 😊 The investigator is very different to your typical ones. I have read some Agatha Christie but never really got into her writing.

          • For some reason I was obsessed when I was aged sort of 9 – 13 and read all of them without entirely understanding what was going on, but now if I try reread them I already know whodunnit

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