It’s Only A Game (SW #19) Part 2

It’s Only A Game (SW #19) Part 2

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Part 2:

You had a dinner? Like a date dinner?” I exclaim incredulously, maybe putting a little too much emphasis on the word ‘you’. What do you expect? Some crazy daemon looking dude appears in my kitchen making himself at home saying that I summoned him and made him miss a dinner. Sue me if you think someone as hideous, not beautiful as this would have a date.

“Yes, a dinner date! Oh my gosh, you humans are all the same.” He replies so mournfully placing his head into his red clawed hands. After a small silence, two words boom from his mouth that shake me up. “WAKE UP!”

I’m unsure if it was the severe unexpectedness of the shout or if there was some sort of magic going on but I felt all of the tiredness evaporate from my body and it was as if I’d woken up at my usual 10am without a raging hangover and eight hours sleep.

“Wow man, thanks. I thought you said you were going to ruin my day but this is great!” I feel so awake right now, I can dance or run a marathon, or do something more achievable like make breakfast without collapsing.

“Well I was going to, but you’re just so frustrating.” He smirks an unexpectedly sexy quirk of the lips. Maybe seeing me happy entertains him? Is that weird for happiness to amuse such a creature? I calm myself down and grabbed another glass from the cupboard as well as toast.

“Easy questions first.” I start, placing my loot down in neat lines along the bench, everything taking me a few minutes to line up and position. “What would you like to eat and drink?” I turn back to face my red skinned house intruder, guest who’s stare is fixated strangely on the spirit board still on the table.

“Your flesh and blood please, toasted and freshly drawn respectively.” My eyes widen. I’m no longer calling him my house guest nope, nope abort mission! The one time I try to be nice and it backfires! My wide eyes look everywhere but the intruder as I place four slices of toast in the toaster and poured a glass or orange juice for myself choosing to ignore the vile request.

I hear chuckling behind me, then full blown laughter. Let me tell you that if you ever have a red skinned daemon looking dude intrude on you, make him laugh! That sound is the sweetest most melodic sound my ears have ever heard and I would play it on repeat till the end of my days.

From behind me, he – whom I must really need to ask his name – speaks between breaths of dying laughter. I catch enough of the sounds to piece together what he’s saying, going something like; “I’ll have what you’re having.”

“Well, that’s better.” I try to joke. Handing over the plate and glass that I’d prepared for myself, saying a little  “here you go sir” then turning back to the kitchen.

The house becomes silent suddenly and I can only hope that he is eating or picking at his food. I turned around to see my guest, not eating but staring uncomfortably at the table in front of him.

“What’s wrong? Do you not like Vegemite?” I ask worriedly.

“I don’t like being called sir.” Uh okay, that’s cool why was he so nervous? Maybe he was a super old person whom I am offending by acknowledging his possibly super old age.

“But you still like Vegemite right?” Sue me for just making sure my breakfast delicacy is to my new friend’s liking.

“Uhh about that…” He trailed off. Oh, come one I thought we were going to be best friends and eat Vegemite out of the jar together on the couch while watching The Bachelor and judge all the girls and the horrible way in which channel 7 likes to portray them. “It’s bitter like my soul.” I met the answer with a look of confusion at which he laughed, and that wonderful sound filled my house once more. I will swear on everything that my anxiety has been cured hearing that sound.

I was going to end this story at Part 2, but if you want the story to keep going please let me know!

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