Star Rating Scale

Welcome to my star rating page. Below are the star scales and how they are defined by me.


5 Stars: This book has caused me much (good) grief and gave me a mad case of the feels. I couldn’t speak, move or even put this book down at all. I would definitely recommend this books to anyone (it is probably written by Cassandra Clare tbh).


4 Stars: I really liked this book but it didn’t make me want to curl up in a ball of feels and have a minor heart attack.


3 Stars: This book was pretty good, but, eh


2 Stars: I didn’t like this book but I managed to finish it.


1 Star: I didn’t finish or like this book at all.


All books are rated out of 5 stars. I will NEVER give a book zero stars as I believe that even though I did not like the book, there will always be someone out there who will like the book. I also believe that giving a book a no star review is impolite as someone has taken the time to write the book and there is always good to be seen even in the worst of books.

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