The Adjustment Anticipation Post

The Adjustment Anticipation Post

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Just WOW! That’s all I can say for Suzanne Young’s most recent installment in The Program series, The Epidemic…

In my review of The Epidemic by Suzanne Young, I stated that The Epidemic was the second-last book in The Program series, which it isn’t. It is – from what I have found out on Goodreads – the second book in the third-last book that has been published in the series. There will be two more books to be published as the final installments in the series. These are; The Adjustment and The  Complication, and will both be from the point of view of a new character, Tatum, post fall of The Program.

The Adjustment is expected to be released on April 18th 2017 by Simon Pulse and is the third book (chronologically) in the series.

The Book!

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Goodreads Summary:

How do you go back to a life you can’t remember?

Tatum Masterson never went through The Program. She never had her memory stripped, never had to fight to remain herself. But when Weston, her longtime boyfriend and love of her life, was taken by handlers, she hoped he’d remember her somehow—that their love would be strong enough.

It wasn’t.

Like all returners, Weston came back a blank canvas. The years he and Tatum spent together were forgotten, as well as the week when he mysteriously disappeared before The Program came for him.

Regardless of his memory loss, Tatum fights to get Weston to remember her. And just as they start to build a new love, they hear about the Adjustment—a new therapy that implants memories from a donor. Despite the risks, Tatum and Weston agree to go through the process. Tatum donates her memories from their time together.

But the problem with memories is that they are all a matter of perspective. So although Weston can now remember dating Tatum, his emotions don’t match the experiences. And this discrepancy is slowly starting to unravel him, worse than anything The Program could have done.

And as the truth of their life together becomes clear, Tatum will have to decide if she loves Weston enough to let him go, or to continue to live the lie they’d build together.

Prepare for your Adjustment.


News On The Series!

The Adjustment is the third book in the series if you are reading the series in chronological order and the sixth book that has been released as a part of The Program series overall.

There will be another book released after this one that is expected to be published in 2018 called The Complication which will revolve around Tatum who is being introduced in The Adjustment..

I got the following off Goodreads comments for the book The Epidemic and Suzanne Young said that it is best to read the series in publication order (which I agree with). The publication order is as listed;

“The Program
The Treatment

The Remedy
The Epidemic

The Adjustment
The Complication

Each is a set of two. The first is Sloane. Second is Quinn. And Third is Tatum. Hope that helps!”


What I Expect From The Book!

I am really looking forward to meeting other characters that have been affected by the program and how people who were not actively involved in bringing The Program down adjust to the changes of not having a Program to control them and the way they deal with their memory vacant loved ones.

Tatum, an unusual name for a girl (one of the great things about this series), really wants – like many others who lost loved ones to the Program – her boyfriend to remember her. I do expect a lot of love and struggle between the characters but a happy ending at the conclusion of the last book The Complication, despite its title.

As much as I’d love to know what my other favourite characters are up to, (most importantly, if Realm and James are still in touch); I really love how Suzanne Young brings in new characters who are in different position in respect to The Program and each couple has to deal with the effects of The Program in a different way depending on their involvement with it. I, throughout the series was wanting to know how these events affected the ‘normal’ people; the bystanders who weren’t actively against the cause; who couldn’t fight it. Now I will have my answers and more.

Also, I need more rebellion and mushy love ^-^

Already mentally rating this book a ★★★★★ (5/5 stars) like I gave The Epidemicand all the books before it!


The Epidemic Spoiler-Free Review!

To read my spoiler-free review of The Epidemic, just click on the image below or the link above, and you will be zoomed over to the post!

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Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here Monday 🙂

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