September/ October Wrap Up

September/ October Wrap Up

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

I am surprising even myself to say that I have kept up with my blogging schedule in these past few weeks. This exam period has been the absolute worst! I have had my ups and downs and with only one more exam to go, I am more stressed than ever especially because my last one if English Language. It is my most important exam and the one I am least prepared for, as I surprisingly hate English as a subject.

I have a lot of favourites in these past two months. I have accumulated some posts that I want to share with you all, books I enjoyed and books I bought, as well as a couple of announcements, one of which is Instagram related.


Books I Read in September and October.

In my September/ October TBR post I created a pretty ambitious TBR for myself consisting of 9 books total, of which I only ended up reading 6 plus another review copy I received from YA Bound Book Tours.

Books read in September (6):


Books read in October (1):

22844208 - September/ October Wrap Up


I concluded my first ever Harry Potter Marathon by finding time to read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at the begining of October, and because of exams I managed to find a Stephen Fry audio book on YouTube which I begame obsessed with! The only problem I had with the audiobook was the way he pronounced accio’, and I kept correcting him in my head (or out loud). My Harry Potter Mini Reviews are now up to view my thoughts onthe books!



Cool Posts To Check Out!

blog seo 1 - September/ October Wrap Up


This post from was a very educational read and I believe it if worth sharing with everyone as all bloggers, new and old can benafit from this information.

month of bookstagram - September/ October Wrap Up

I stumbled across this post by when I was scrolling through my
Bloglovin’ feed, and as an avid user of Instagram, I found this post quite useful and I believe all you bookstagrammers out there will also enjoy this post.

discussion post stars1 - September/ October Wrap Up


Below the post about bookstagraming, I found a post about review writing (something I’m still trying to find my way around); I read it and was instantly inspired! The person behind pagesunbound gives great and helpful advice on how to construct your book review and also sends the message that “there is no one “correct” way to write a review or to run a blog.”a bookworms guide to avoid spoilers and to when it actually happens - September/ October Wrap Up

I loved this post by The Girl Who Reads Too Much! It was funny, relatable and overall educational (if you are a person who wants to avoid spoilers).

vsco colors - September/ October Wrap Up

And lastly, this post from has me editing every photo with VSCO! Just read and find out how to edit your photos perfectly by just following a simple and easy colour guide 🙂



Click on the photos to be teleported to the linked post.


Books I Purchased This Month!

I bought 4 books this month and I actuall held back becuase I wanted to save money formy ear piercings that I’m going to get once exams are over.

I went to the Gemina book launch in Melbourne and purchased both Illuminae and Gemina! Then only two days ago I went to K-mart before my Methods exam and bought Stealing Snow – a Snow White retelling which I have heard amazing reviews for – and Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor – my most anticipated release or the second half of 2016.  I will be posting a review for The Hammer of Thor once I read it.

In K-mart I also wanted to buy Holding Up The Universe, Tryle (the full trilogy), and The Fever Code (but it wasn’t in the shiny cover like my other books in the series).

To see the books I purchased in September, click here.


Announcements – Instagram + Exams!

Instagram: I have recently changed my Instagram name form @jasperandspice to @thebookishbree to add a more bookish vibe to my Bookstagram and also attract more bookish friends as @jasperandspice is not a very bookish username.

Exams: As I mentioned above, exams are nearly over! This means I have done 5 out of my 6 exams required for me to complete VCE and then I am free! My last exam is my Enlish – English Language, which I don’t hate as much as straight English class. I just wanted to thank all of you who sent kind words my way on Instagram and listened to me talk about exams in every post (and even some peoples comments (oops)).


That Wraps Up my Wrap-Up! Have a lovely weekend and stay Happy and Healthy 🙂


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Monday 🙂

bree xoxo - September/ October Wrap Up

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