This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

Heyo Bookaholics!

If you’re an organisation freak like I am, you’re going to adore this app!

As you can tell, this isn’t a generic Monday Book Review, because today I’m talking about this organisation app that I am absolutely in love with and I want everyone to give it a go.

I love organisation apps. I have trawled the app store many times to find the perfect app for organisation and keeping on top of tasks. I’ve downloaded, trialled and deleted apps (all free) in disappointment because they didn’t fit my criteria.

There’s one app that I downloaded last year or so and am yet to delete! I am in love with this app and need to share it with you all!!

Trying to find the right app for your needs is hard but here’s a suggestion:

kisspng todoist wunderlist task 5b09cd0d8f86a2.9172583315273689735879 150x150 - This Awesome App Called Todoist #notsponTodoist is an Android and Apple compatible organisation application for mobile and desktop. The free version enables you to create numerous lists, sub-lists, projects, sub-projects, schedule various activities and more so you don't forget those important tasks that just don't fit into your calendar.

I personally use the Todoist app on Android Mobile and Mac Desktop and check it regularly – more regularly than my calendar – to mark off my tasks and make sure I haven’t missed a deadline.

There are features of the app that very much appeal to me as an organisation freak. Mostly due to the fact that I am scared of double booking stuff and forgetting to pay people/ complete tasks/ etc.

Appealing Features:

  • Ability to create list items with and without deadlines.
  • Can create ‘projects’ with lists and really cool headings by using * and : buttons. There’s a tutorial for new users.
  • All lists have check boxes!
  • You can create goals and have streaks to tick off/ complete a certain amount of tasks within a day. This accumulates points and earns you badges.
  • The basic/ free version is very usable (but if you want more features there is a paid option).
  • Italicising and Bolding headings, adding links, etc. are all possible by using very * keys when typing.
  • The app organises things into Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, etc. for a 7 day period. They also recommend rescheduling when tasks are overdue.
  • The app devs and community have premade Projects for various generic tasks such as YouTube and Homework.
  • It’s super easy to re-sort and move tasks around, especially on desktop.

Late Disclaimer: I’m not trying to sell this app. I’m just giving my opinion on it because I know how hard it is to find the perfect app for all your organisation needs.

I have so much fun using this app. Some list/ organisation apps stress me out but I feel so calm when updating or moving tasks around on Todoist and having the shortcut on my phone’s home screen allows me to quickly add tasks to today’s list, reschedule and view them without even entering the app.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you use, have used or might consider Todoist to be your go-to organisation app. Or, if you have another go-to app, please drop it down in the comments below to help others out.

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