My First Time Drafting & Submitting a Post to Another Blog!

Hai Spicy Hoomans!

I’d love to make blogging my job one day…

I am a new member of a blogging group named, The Book Slut!

I applied and was accepted as a blogger on the site late last year. Since then, I have pitched ideas and as of last week, had a post published on the site!

I thought I’d talk about it on here just to give some insight into what I’ve learnt about blogging with others and what the editing process is like, especially from someone who has always been scared of edits.

What’s The Experience Like?

Before I followed them on Instagram, I’d never heard of The Book Slut blog, but after reading a few posts and trawling the site, I noticed that the contributors mostly post lists and reviews.

I liked how there was continuity in terms of content but that isn’t really what I like to post. As you may know, I like to ramble a little and talk heaps about Shadowhunters, so I chatted with the moderators and they said that posts other than lists are completely fine.

It’s interesting. Much like my own blogging, I don’t have actual deadlines handed to me for when I need to have a draft handed in by, although much like for this blog I do have self-imposed deadlines that give me anxiety because I don’t meet them.

Criticism, Feedback and Edits?

I write my posts on Google Docs as it allows for sharing and collaboration. Based off of my first post, I just shared my doc and allowed edits and comments which was super helpful!

I edited my document twice and communicated through the comments (thankfully because I hate emailing for some reason). The moderators/ editors were so sweet. Their comments were helpful and constructive while giving me a bit more of an outline of what I should deliver them in the draft of my next post.

It was scary receiving feedback and having to go back and edit my work but in the end, it was actually quite fun to do since there were other people helping me fix it. I don’t pre-plan posts for Jasper + Spice so having to do them for this project is a little daunting, not going to lie, but it’s a great habit to get into and I’m using this a learning curve into improving my content here in J + S.

My Post: Rereading City of Bones in 2020 

In my post now live on (linked above), I talk about the pros and cons of re-reading the first book in the Shadowhunter chronicles 13 years after it was published. Also, just another excuse to weave Shadowhunters into anything I do.

You can find The Book Slut on Twitter and Instagram.

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