More About My Characters Because I Love These Girls (SW#)

More About My Characters Because I Love These Girls (SW#)

Hai Beautiful!

AGH I Love These Girls!!

There was a trend floating around on BookTwitter for a while and I knew I had to get into it! People are using a site where artists make character building ‘games’ in their own art style for others to build their own OCs.

Before we get into this post, I want to say that all credit for this artwork/ picrew goes to the artist whose social media links can be found here: twitter: // instagram:

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Me, The Author!

I made myself in this program first, and thought it was the absolute cutest thing ever!

Obviously, I don’t look as cool as this but this is how I see myself and if I were to dress up, I’d try to wear something like this.

Ooh! I should dress up like this and do a comparison photo!

My favourite part of this whole trend was seeing everyone on BookTwitter posting themselves vs their OCs, even people whom I didn’t even know were writing novels!

Any excuse I get to share anything about my WIP, I will use it! The Storytime Wednesday series on my blog (in which you are reading this post) is one such great excuse that I’d created for myself 🥰

About This WIP
I’ve been writing this story since NaNoWriMo 2019. It is an original middle-grade idea which started with a very weird concept that I looked at, realised it was the weirdest idea ever, then ran with it.

Now, eight – almost nine – months later and I have fully developed beautiful characters, a working (though not official) title: S(witched), which I have mentioned in a few posts, and I am very confident in my progress.

You can check out all the updates in the NaNoWriMo 2019 tag on my blog ☺️

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Alyson Dominio
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Lorena Robinson

The first two are my main girls; Alyson (Aly) and Lorena (Lor). Both girls are in High School (year 9), which makes them 14/15 years-old.

We follow Alyson from the moment a curse is placed in her, to the very end (which I have so secretly started writing 🤫). Her and Lorena are inseparable. You rarely get one girl without the other, although for teachers at their school, this isn’t a problem.

The entire story revolves around Alyson and Lorena journeying to find the witch that cursed Alyson in the first place. With Alyson’s impulsive nature and Lorena’s diplomatic scepticism, the girls’ journey eventually lands them on the front doorstep of Asteria’s house.

You can visually see how the two best friends are different in their looks and sense of style, but I want to point out the fact that they both wear a pendant necklace. This is a hint to a little part at the start of the story where Alyson’s Nonna (Grandmother) gifts the girls charged stones for protection. The girls secure these to rope and hang them around their necks. I may have forgotten about these and in editing, will be making sure to reference them more in the story.

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Asteria Farrington

Asteria (Az) comes into the story when Alyson and Lorena are looking for a dangerous witch, the one who caused all of Alyson’s problems. Asteria, Alyson and Lorena become an adventuring trio, each with their own motives and reasons for going on this journey.

We learn as the story progresses, that Asteria is tied into the girls’ story in more ways than one. Using her knowledge, Asteria guides the trio into another Realm, a place of dark magic running parallel to their own world.

I’m a few chapters from the end at this point! Working on wrapping up the story is my main goal for this July and I hope to come to you all at the end of the month with a huge update, hopefully bringing the good news that this book is finished.

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Posts Where I Talk About My OCs!

I talk about my girls in a couple of past Storytime Wednesday posts which I have linked down below for your enjoyment. I mostly only talk about the main two: Alyson and Lorena, as these posts were written closer to the start of this project when Asteria was but an idea of a character.

About The Characters – NaNoWriMo 2019
Introducing my girls to the world during NaNoWriMo. A reminder that these were written during NaNo 2019 when I started writing the story and may not reflect the girls as they are written now.

About The Characters – NaNoWriMo 2019! (SW#42)

I Make My OCs In The SIMS4
This post was so much fun to make. I purchased the Sims4 base game and don’t play it much instead to download CC to recreate my D&D campaign and guild house. This post really shows the girls’ styles and the way they dress throughout the entire story.

I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

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I had the most fun writing this post! As I said, any chance to talk about my WIP I will take it! I hope you enjoyed this cuteness and are having a wonderful day, week, month and hopefully a good year (despite all that’s going on) xxx

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Are you writing anything?
What do your OCs look like? Do they have any defining features?

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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