About The Characters – NaNoWriMo 2019! (SW#42)

About The Characters – NaNoWriMo 2019! (SW#42)

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I promise I’m writing!

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month again! If you are here and haven’t seen my previous NaNoWriMo posts, you can find them linked below, just click on the header image to view the post!

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I know this is an About the Characters post which usually includes visual aesthetics, but I won’t be doing Pinterest collages for two reasons:
1. I can’t choose out of all the photos, which ones to make into a collage;
2. I’m starting to feel kinda bad for using other people’s photos on my blog as character inspo without credits.
If you’re interested, you can check out my Pinterest board for this WIP, linked to this sentence 🙂

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In this post, I’m going to be talking facts about each of my characters that have currently been written in the 11,000 words of my WIP thus far!

I’ll be discussing my characters in terms of their name (first and last) and the origins of it; their appearance in basic terms and defining characteristics, as well as their favourite ‘things’.

Alyson Dominio

Our main character!

In terms of names, I don’t look up last names because then I get caught on trying to choose the right one, so if it is an ‘ethnic’ last name, I choose something that sounds cool and sounds like the ethnicity in question. In this case, Alyson is Italian so I just kinda remembered that every Italian family I know has generic, predictable last names and I just said something in my head that sounded Italian and went with it. Also, this kinda reminded me of Nevernight and Nevernight is loosely based off of Italy so…

Alyson has short shoulder-length blonde hair, is pale and has developed the dreaded high school acne. Alyson goes by the nickname Aly or Al and is a hardcore Gryffindor which just means she is opinionated, reckless and impulsive as heck! She is also super into dinosaurs and has a major crush on this one girl in her year level who has never even had a proper conversation with her.

Oh, and of course we can’t forget her family! She lives with her mum, dad and baby brother Dominic – or Domi for short. I guess you can say her parents didn’t plan that one out very well… (Don’t blame me, blame her parents!)

Alyson loves school, most specifically math and science subjects. She is always early to class and finishes homework as soon as it’s given to her as to not forget about it. She has already planned to get a tutor for maths when she gits year eleven for the best chance at success in VCE. Aside from the subjects, the other best part about school is seeing her best friend in the entire world; Lorena!

Lorena Robinson

Alyson’s best friend and devout lover of the colour lavender.

Lorena, despite having the more Italian name out of the two girls, has an Australian father and a mother that is probably European but doesn’t really care. She lives with both of them and her younger sibling/s (I’m undecided as to how many siblings she has as these characters haven’t been written into the story yet). I have decided that they are younger than her for the purpose of keeping them out of the way and to work with the storyline.

She is opposite to Lorena since she prefers the visual arts and music classes to science and math but both always try to show interest and help each other in the other’s subject of choice. Lorena also loves to be early at school and have all her homework done on time, hence giving the girls all the time to hang out together.

Lorena has olive toned skin with dark brown almost waist-length hair and light brown eyes. She, like Alyson has a face dotted with pimples which she insists on treating with creams and scrubs as per her mother’s advice. Lorena values her appearance highly, another one of her mother’s pieces of nagging advice.

I hope you enjoyed this, learned a little about my OCs of whom I am loving and I hope you will come to love them when this WIP is finished!

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