I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

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I am once again procrastinating writing this WIP, but in my defence, I did write 4,000 words last week, bringing the total up to 34,000 words! If you want to know about this WIP, there are heaps of posts in the NaNoWriMo 2019 tag dating back to November 1st, where you can read all about the story and its progress.

Side note: OC = Original Character.

Did I buy the Sims4 so I could download CC and create my OCs?
Maybe, but it was on sale so…

Have I started making my D&D party and guild house?
Also, maybe but I need to download more CC.

Will I make more of my OCs in this book/ world?
I sure hope so. There is actually so much world and character aesthetic in this story because I love it when people express their personalities externally; probably because I am sheit at assessing people’s emotions and intentions (oop).

The other characters that we encounter are heavily described based on appearance, their personality is shown through aesthetic and the way houses/ rooms are decorated are a huge way to determine personality.

For this post, I decided to create my two main characters in this novel. S(witched), which is the story’s current working title, is told from Alyson’s perspective, although our two protagonists are Alyson Dominio and her best friend Lorena Robinson.

So, before I wrote this novel, I created a Pinterest board which you can all check out here full of character and aesthetic inspo that set the mood for the start of the WIP.
I like to know what my MC looks like before writing so I can picture them wearing certain clothes and how this may impact how they’re perceived or interact with others in the story. I find that clothes or appearance, in general, is a huge talking point for me since it has a lot to do with someone’s personality expression – or maybe that’s just my dysmorphia talking.

Alyson Dominio

Screen Shot 2020 03 04 at 7.09.23 pm 97x300 - I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

Alyson is our protagonist. Our main girl. Due to this, I put more effort into what I wanted her to look like. I wanted her to be casual and stylish but in a way that I would (like to) dress.

She has multiple fun patterned button-up shirts and socks, two trusty pairs of skinny jeans, multiple pairs of converse. Alyson doesn’t wear much jewellery, except for a necklace or bracelet on occasion. I mention her style in chapter ten of the WIP as per the following paragraph which is what I modelled her sim-self off of.

“Snatching a pair of black skinny jeans and one of my cute little boys, short-sleeved button-up shirts. The orange one with little grey swords on it is the cutest one I own and pairs nicely with my grey high-top converse. I slide on my Harry Potter lightning bolt ankle socks but decide they’re too short so I swap them out for a solid green pair and consider a scrunchy. Running a hand through my hair which is far too short for a scrunchy anyways, I decide against it and pick up a handful of bobby pins instead, sliding them into the seemingly useless tiny pocket on my jeans.”

Lorena Robinson

Screen Shot 2020 03 04 at 7.09.08 pm 91x300 - I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

So far, I’ve actually not written a clothing description for Lorena (from what I remember), but I have described her as ‘fashionable’ and had her judge Alyson’s fashion choices in certain contexts.

For Lorena’s sim-self, I modelled her style off of my sister, since I want her to be a modern high school student and those kids today actually have style! I don’t get it!

I feel like Lorena’s outfit is something my sister would have casually worn when she was Lorena’s age, but also because it is a classic outfit that anyone from high school and up can pull off.

If you would like to know more about the characters, you can read this post I wrote last year where I talk more about the girls’ backstory, ethnicity, likes/dislikes, etc.2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - I made my OCs in the Sims4 (SW#48)

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