Meet The Character – Jaz #Realise (SW#31)

Meet The Character – Jaz  #Realise (SW#31)

Heyo Bookaholics!

Meet the character!

I have been trying to write as much as I can lately. Working in my spare time between tasks at work, at night, in the morning, during lunch, etc. whenever I can, I try to write.

I really love this character. Honestly, I think the fact that I went into the story trying to make her a character that everyone will hate, has actually enhanced her more and given me more to work with because I haven’t held her close to my chest as I have with the others, giving the ability to make her a flawed and interesting human.

A short bio of Jaz:

Name, Age, Nationality & Family: Jaz (doesn’t currently have a last name), 20 years-old, Second generation Australian with European parents.

Current Living Situation: Lives in a suburban house with her Mum and Dad as an only child.

Favourite colour, T.V. show/s: Favourite colour is dark blue and she really enjoys shows like Stranger Things, Limitless and Brooklyn 99. Dark blue and cop shows, I only just now realised how ironic that is.

Her celebrity look-alike/ Pinterest photo inspo: Surprisingly, I don’t actually have any celebrities that I can liken her to. I’ve been focusing solely on her features for now because the main part of what I am writing is her pain and mental struggles which I find manifests physically and in gestures.

Frau und Mann umarmen sich 300x206 - Meet The Character - Jaz  #Realise (SW#31)This has to be the closest thing I have to an inspiration image/ look-alike for Jaz (‘pictured with Josh’), at a time where she is happiest; before all of the events of Realise.

Other than this photo, all the other pins in my Realise board are hands, feet, collar bones, hip bones, etc. to bring me back into that e.d. / self-hatred mindset that I need to portray into Jaz’s character.

I had the idea to do this post, but I wasn’t really sure what to tell you all other than displaying aesthetic inspiration photos for Jaz’s character until I found the perfect writing prompt Pinterest post. Basically, it gives a plot and a few questions regarding how the character will react in the situation, it works perfectly with Jaz’s situation and character hopefully providing you with an insight into her brain and way of thinking.

The Scenario.

Your main character (Jaz) is crying in front of someone they don’t want to cry in front of.

Why is she crying?

She is speaking about her issues, problems, mistakes and regrets with her psychologist. The very one she sees every week, but even that is too much time between visits. There is so much to talk about, and an hour isn’t enough especially when she is finally letting free all of the thoughts that have been spiralling in her head.

Who is the person she is crying in front of?

Her psychologist/ university councillor. A confidant but also a biased person in Jaz’s life and the only person in which she feels safest enough to let her guard down enough around, to the point in which she breaks down in uncontrollable tears.

Why does Jaz not want to cry in front of them?

Jaz has it ingrained within her that crying is a sign of weakness, that to cry means you’ve given in to the pain and let it consume you. She punishes herself mentally and physically each time she sheds a tear and overthinks the action dramatically.

How did Jaz get into the situation she’s in with the person?

Jaz put herself into councilling so she could calm the thoughts in her head. The same thoughts that stop her from studying or participating in social activities because the spiralling thoughts become too loud or too painful.

How does this person react?

Like any confidant would, calmy passing over tissues and speaking the right words in the right tone at the right time to milk every last thought from Jaz’s brain and into the open. Ready to make Jaz feel as if there is another person carrying the weight of the thoughts, unaffected, and thus halving the pain of the spiral.

What did I gain from this?

Of course, blogging and writing are created for an audience, but doing this is a passion and benefits me in many ways. For instance, writing this post has helped me to understand my protagonist better than ever in terms of her motivations and thoughts.

Thank you so much for being here with me while I talk about my protagonist. It means a lot and I hope you are enjoying listening to this part of me through her, as well as this new side to the Storytime Wednesday series!

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Have you ever created an OC (original character), that you love but didn’t expect to?

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1 - Meet The Character - Jaz  #Realise (SW#31)

With Love Bree xx

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