July Wrap-Up 2019

July Wrap-Up 2019

Heyo Bookaholics!

Well, these posts are always fun!

Books I Read!

In July I planned to continue with my Rainbow Readathon from June, which lead to me having six books on my July TBR which is just ridiculous. I knew I wasn’t going to read all the books, but I didn’t think I’d fail so spectacularly!

Nevertheless, I managed to read 2.5 novels *celebration emojis* *finger guns* Which is a nice achievement for me considering I did spend most of my spare time catching up on YouTube videos. The upside to YouTube is that it requires no brain power, but the downside is that I play a video when it’s daylight, then suddenly I look up and everything is pitch black!

The books I managed to read were Someday by David Levithan, and The Astrid Notes by Taryn Bashford (sent to me by MacMillan Aus). I reviewed both novels in the month as promised in my July TBR, but that’s where it all went downhill…

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After finishing The Astrid Notes, I took a little break because I needed to get some things done for work/ uni. Due to there only being four weeks in a month, taking a week and a half off to do work/ homework really hurts the TBR.

Before I left for Sydney I started The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu but didn’t read it properly until two days ago. I will 100% have the review up on Monday 5th of August, and if I don’t ya’ll can yell at me x

Events in July!

I love reflecting and looking back on stuff I did during the month. You will have seen some of the events in earlier blog posts, and I will link to those in this section too.

Kindred Book Meet (@TheYARoom)

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The event was so so much fun! I finished the book and reviewed Kindred last month in June so I was very prepared and surprised when some of the authors showed up!

We had the chance to meet and speak with three of the authors of the queer anthology including; Michael Earp, Alison Evans, and Nevo Zisin. I also told Nevo that his story was my favourite and I was super awks.

Writer’s Brunch #7

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After a night of partying and a little bit of drinking, I started my Saturday with a brunch. Meeting up with my friends from TheYAPage is the highlight of my month as I have said many times. You can check out highlights from the event in my blog post about it which is linked here, or on the image 🙂

Finished Placement 🙁

I think I mentioned this a while ago, I can’t remember where, but over the past six months, I was on a placement/ internship at one of Australia’s big four financial services firms.

It was the coolest and best experience of my professional career. I also received a graduate position from the company, which I will be starting next June after I graduate from university! I am very sad to have had to leave, but I have a semester of uni left for the year packed full of 5 subjects! There is no way I would be able to work during then.

I Went To Sydney!

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My boyfriend and I took a little 5-day much needed holiday to Sydney. It was so much fun! I saw my best friend after 6 months apart; ate a lot (like I found a buffet near us and we pigged out for an hour and a half); we did some touristy things, and I became traumatised at Luna Park. Although I’m not too sure I entierly hate thrill-seeking rides anymore…

Sydney was great! I vlogged a little bit, but not enough to actually make a full video so some clips might be inserted into other videos as b-roll. I do have heaps of photos which will be popping up on my Instagram/ Twitter @thebookishbree.

Book Haul!

I didn’t buy any books all month!… Until a couple of days ago. Oopsie.

img20190803152700196503050 1024x576 - July Wrap-Up 2019

I’m going to keep this short and sweet by telling you that I picked up the Hufflepuff editions of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while I was in Sydney. I also purchased Dev1at3 by Jay Kristoff just yesterday, but it’s going in the July haul anyways.

End of July Crisis Mode!

This is the part of the post where I make promises to you/ goals for myself which I aim to stick to like glue. If I don’t, I will go into next month’s wrap-up feeling like I’ve let you all down horribly and with many apologies to try again next time.

Okay, let’s do it!

I know that last month I said I would have set dates where I would be posting reviews and honestly I didn’t take into account any of the activities I had planned and the fact that I am a mood reader and cannot stick to a proper order in which I want my TBR to be read in.

If you haven’t, please go read my existential crisis blog post that has been covertly titled “How to find your purpose in any situation.” I really did have fun writing it, but I only wrote it because I felt that this blog was going nowhere and I want to take it to the fricking moon!

Basically what I am trying to say is that I am attempting to brainstorm new content for Jasper and Spice along with the usual reviews, tags, writing content and rambles. I wanted to find what I am good at talking about and doing, which lead me to one thing in particular… PROCRASTINATIONAL ORGANISATION!

Procrastiantional Organisation is literally just me unconsciously procrastinating my tasks – like this blog post *cough cough* – by organising things. Usually, the ‘thing’ being organised is my desk/ anything in my room. It makes me feel productive but also sh*tty when I go back and realise I never finished the task I intended to.

You will see content on this topic or just organisational style content popping up on this blog and on my YouTube channel. Please let me know your thoughts when you do see it, and maybe drop a comment in those posts saying ‘you heard it here first 😉‘.

New BookTube Video!

You’ve made it this far in the post. I commend you if you’re still reading because I’ve been a rambly mess like usual but it means a lot to me that you are here.

I posted a new video on YouTube which you can watch by clicking on the video below!

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What did you get up to in July? xxx

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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With Love Bree xx

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