It’s A Novel Race!

It’s A Novel Race!

Heyo Bookaholics!

I started another project! *sigh*

So, there’s this thing that happens where I get an amazing idea; get hung up on that idea, and kinda have to roll with it. For some reason, I cannot stick to one task at a time and I end up taking on multiple projects – writing and the like – at the same time. Since I am also horrible with keeping up with “Blog Series'” or remembering to update anything ever (see my inconsistent posting on Instagram) so I won’t be calling this a blog series in the way people would,


It’s a blog series.

How It Came About…

A good friend of mine and I have challenged each other to write a full completed novel in a six-month time frame – the length of our industry placements. Both novels are to stem from the same prompt, but have a different premise! We will be doing while completing a full-time work placement.

Who is my friend and why haven’t you heard of him??

It’s true, I speak about my friends constantly – well, mostly Tracy @trufflereads – but I’ve never spoken of this friend before, despite having spent every day for of the six-week summer semester together.

Does he write?

He has told me that he has only ever tried writing a story once in his life; though I don’t let that fool me. He is an amazing storyteller! As the DM (Dungeon Master) of two separate Dungeons and Dragons games, he has to have a keen eye for detail, and the ability to visualise and create original settings and characters, along with the ability to come up with various stories and wacky premises.

So What’s The Story Idea??

This challenge came about after viewing this post I sent him from Pinterest:

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Honestly, it’s such a silly meme, but due to our collective lack of sleeps (yes, sleeps. plural) and the fact that we were both working on audit and taxation homework over the summer semester period, our brains were pretty fried.

We started feeling sorry for death.

And that’s how our stories came about.

My Idea/ Summary: Depressed death can’t take it anymore is on the edge but can’t die until some cute boi in white is like I’ll take ur job for a bit if you don’t let me die and death thinks this boi is hella cute (and hella tan, with those pretty brown eyes and goofy self-assured smile, and relaxed shrug) and Death doesn’t know why anyone would want this job, let alone a motal who looks like he hcan have the world at his feet, but death is hella sad and says yes Fuck it imma go on vacay and gives all his responsibilities over, goes on vacay for like a day and then says Fuck I can’t subject some poor pretty boi in white to what u had to go through so he tracks down obituaries and stuff coz he kinda lost his death tracking power after handing it over and like after tracking down dying people and sitting by their bedside who just won’t Fkn die, he decides to murder someone which brings new boi death to him and he’s like OMG you’re so sexy can I plz have my job back and dude is all like you didn’t even have a vacay and I love this gig. But death is all like please you won’t die because I love you and god is like SMITE you can’t love and be death Fkn choose so yeah I haven’t gotten past that yet.Also death realises why the boy wants his job and he is hella sad for him and well of course when it looks like one can have the world, their mind is holding them hostage and he too is hella sad and just wanted to make someone else happy if he couldn’t be.

This is the OG initial message I sent my friend when the discussion started. I am currently planning out the story out in tabular form and have reached chapter 6 already. Planning in this manner is the best thing I have done. The table layout I am using is as follows:

screen shot 2019 03 06 at 9.14.57 pm - It's A Novel Race!

You can download a template for planning a novel by clicking on the document link: Book Writing Layout_ Plan

Holy Sheit! So I just read over that poor excuse for a paragraph for what feels like the first time in a month and I have totally deviated from it whilst writing my official plan. Not that I’m mad tho.

The plan I am currently writing has deviated greatly from the little paragraph above, but I’m happy with it. I like being able to compare my very first idea of the story with the plan, and then the first draft when I actually write it. It’s all to do with the flow of the novel and if the story I want to be written flows as a written story.

So that’s my new project all laid bare and exposed. I hope you enjoyed that, and with my planning, you should expect to see more updates on the Wednesdays to come! Let’s hope I can complete the first draft by July but knowing my track record, I’m not promising anything grand.

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Would you like to see more PDF documents/ layouts included in my posts?

Tell me down in the comments below! xxx

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1 - It's A Novel Race!

With Love Bree xx

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